We took a trip down to Alabama to find out how Joey Nania got his start and why he has been fully obsessed with fishing since he was born. For Joey, the challenge of fishing is his favorite part. Stay tuned as he puts his Battle Born Batteries to the test!  

Growing Up Fishing 

At the very young age of two weeks old, Joey was introduced to the wonderful world of fishing. His father opened his eyes to the world of fishing, and that early exposure left an impression on Joey. 

Joey has incorporated fishing into as many parts of this life as he can! He guides and teaches anglers of all ages and experience levels over 200 days a year. And he has put 700-800 hours onto his boat in two years. That means he is fishing about 300 days a year!

Joey Nania LiFePO4

His appreciation for the art of fishing is what makes him the perfect fishing guide and pro angler. He wants to teach and show others the value in the challenge of fishing (one of his favorite parts about the sport). Joey explained, “the challenge of putting someone that maybe isn’t that experienced at fishing, on a fish” is a unique teaching – and learning – moment for Joey.

The profoundness of teaching and fishing is not lost on Joey. “Every time you catch a big one, you want to catch a bigger one. And every time you learn something, you want to keep on learning.” He knows that fishing is a life-long learning process and has learned that every cast matters. And now with Battle Born Batteries, Joey can get back to what is most important: complete peace of mind on an empty lake, ready to fish.

Switching to Lithium

Out on the water, Joey explained to us, “the biggest headaches I had growing up fishing were battery issues.” And those battery-based headaches didn’t go away over time. “The only time I’ve ever been late for a weigh-in was that my batteries died. My troll motor batteries died, and my cranking battery had issues too. So I was late for that tournament, and it actually cost me getting paid.” Battle Born Batteries provides reliable LiFePO4 batteries so you will never have to worry about your power needs again.

Joey Nania LiFePO4 marine

Our batteries last longer and weigh less than lead acid batteries. Not to mention they are safer and low-maintenance! “You’re going to be getting a piece of equipment that is going to be with you for so long. And I’ve put them to the test in the worst of worst conditions. I’ve had them out there in ripping currents for 14, 15 hours in a day. And they didn’t die on me.”

That kind of reliability means you can get out there and stay out there as long as you want! In the wise words of Joey, “all it takes is one cast to catch a giant fish.” So get rid of your battery anxiety and let Battle Born Batteries power your next adventure!

What’s Next

Joey co-hosts Sweetwater TV with fellow pro angler and friend Miles Burghoff. Joey and Miles share their expertise and explore above and below the water all across the country. The show is about to start its sixth season and Battle Born Batteries could not be more proud to be a sponsor! Tune in this season to where Joey and Miles will fish next. Check out SweetwaterTV’s Instagram to find premiere times and updates.

Click here to check out what Joey is up to on Instagram! He also shares his expertise on his YouTube channel.

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