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The Top 20 Lithium Battery Dealers and Installers

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Installing your own lithium battery electrical system can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Many novices enjoy the peace of mind of leaving their install up to the professionals, but with a dizzying number of installers promising amazing results, how do you choose the right one? At Battle Born Batteries, we’ve gotten to know some of the nation’s top installers and created a list of ones we’ve deemed capable of meeting our high standards.

You Purchased New Lithium Batteries, Now What?

Spear it Animal with lithium power system

Finally fed up with your unreliable power system, you decide it’s time to upgrade. Countless hours of research, many late nights, and endless phone calls have led to this pivotal moment. You’ve found the perfect electrical system for your application. Each component has been purchased, your Battle Born Batteries have arrived, and you’re left staring at a pile of electronics with installation manuals and product guides that are a mile long.

While some solar and electrical newbies are brave enough to tackle their system installation on their own, you’ve decided to leave that to the professionals. Whether you’re short on time, have an exceptionally complex system, or simply want to make sure everything is done correctly the first time, using a trusted installer is an easy way to preserve your investment. This poses the challenge of finding an installer in an area you prefer that is capable of tackling your specific application and is trustworthy.

Although it may seem like a simple Google search is the easy solution, it’s always a gamble ensuring the installer you choose is trustworthy and produces quality work. With so many horror stories of installations going wrong, you want to choose the right installer the first time to protect your investment and keep you and your loved ones safe. Out of thousands of installers you’ll find listed under a Google search query, how do you choose the right one?

At Battle Born Batteries, our team of technical specialists has been hard at work creating a list of vetted and trusted dealers and installers. We’ve created a network of trustworthy installers by building relationships with these installers and verifying their work. No matter your application, we have dealers and installers across the US to assist you in upgrading your lithium power system.

You, Me, and the RV lithium power system

Top 20 Lithium Power System Installers in the US

Our growing list of Battle Born Batteries certified dealers and installers currently includes twenty of the US’s top lithium power system installers. With installers in every corner of the nation specializing in various applications, there is an installer ready to help you create your dream electrical system. Whether you’re upgrading your RV, van, overland rig, off-grid home, or marine power system, you’re one call away from achieving reliable power.

If you’re in the market for a new lithium power system, here are our top 20 certified and trusted installers to consider:

Auer’s RV

Located in the heart of central Texas, Auer’s RV offers premium service and repairs for all makes and models of RVs. With in-house solar and lithium experts, they have the perfect team to upgrade your RV’s electrical system. Reach them by phone at (512) 863-2030 or through their website. They can also be found at 5070 E State Hwy 29 Ste. A Georgetown, TX 78626 United States.

Freedom Mobile RV Service, LLC

Servicing the RV capital of the South, Freedom Mobile RV provides all-inclusive RV solar and lithium battery systems and repair. With a mobile service that spans a 120-mile radius of Red Bay, AL, Freedom Mobile is happy to bring the convenience of a new electrical system directly to your RV door. Contact them by phone (662) 424-0792 or through their website.

Inverter Service Center

These electrical system experts can be found in White House, TN, and Ft. Meyers, Florida, and are happy to work on a wide variety of applications. From boats to RVs to utility vehicles and solar and backup power applications, the team at Inverter Service Center provides electrical solutions suited to fit your needs. Find their Tennessee location at 102 S.C.T Dr. White House, TN 37188, United States, and contact them by phone at (615) 285-0611 or through their website.

Inverter Service Center lithium battery install

Windish RV Center – Colorado Springs

Colorado’s #1 towable RV dealer, Windish RV Center, has a fully equipped service department ready to upgrade the electrical system of your RV. Conveniently located in Colorado Springs, this talented team would love to install the power system of your dreams. You can find them at 9279 Bandley Dr Fountain, CO 80817, United States, and reach them by phone at (719) 434-3938 or through their website.

Off The Grid Camper

With unmatched expertise and experience, Off the Grid Camper is happy to provide state-of-the-art lithium battery installation in various applications. Whether you have a van, trailer, camper, RV, commercial vehicle, off-grid cabin, tiny home, or custom vehicle project, they would love to give you the freedom and independence of off-grid power. While Off the Grid Camper is based south of Houston, TX, they’ve taken on projects all over the country. Reach out today by phone at (509) 859-7069 or through their website.

Panels Up Solar

After spending years on the road, Justin decided to use his experiences to help others chase their dreams. Providing off-grid energy solutions for RVs, boats, vans, food trucks, tiny homes, and more, Panels Up Solar has the expertise to give you the optimal power upgrade. You can find them at 1485 US-84 Laurel, MS 39443 United States, and reach them by phone at (228) 363-9121 or through their website.

Panels Up Solar lithium battery install

Windish RV Center – Lakewood

In the bustling suburb of Colorado’s capital city, Windish RV Center in Lakewood services and installs lithium power systems in a wide range of Motor Homes and Towable RVs. Their knowledgeable team will have you ready for your next camping adventure in no time! Reach them by phone at (303) 274-9009 or through their website. You can also find them at 11225 W 6th Ave Lakewood, CO 80215, United States, and

Windish RV Center – Longmont

Nestled in Northern Colorado, the Windish RV Center of Longmont is in the perfect location to service outdoor enthusiasts. All kinds of RVs come through their doors and leave with state-of-the-art lithium power systems. Upgrade your RV power today by visiting them at 10300 E I-25 Frontage Rd Longmont, CO 80504, United States. You can also reach out by phone (866) 989-3022 or through their website.

Echo One Adventures

Echo One Adventures provides electrical upgrades surrounded by boondocking paradise in the southwestern United States. As New Mexico’s ONLY RV solar specialist, Echo One is ready to upgrade your RV or off-grid lithium power system. While you can find Echo One Adventures at 1611 Bunker Hill Ct S Rio Rancho, NM 87124, United States, they are also equipped to do mobile installs and upgrades. Contact them today by phone (505) 948-4966 or through their website.

Echo One adventures lithium power install

Boundless Power Systems

With complete off-grid power solutions for RVs, vans, boats, and more, Boundless Power Systems has the expertise for your upgrade. Whatever your application is, if you need reliable mobile power, Boundless Power Systems can help you achieve it. Find them at 19825 Coshocton Ave. Mt Vernon, OH 43050 United States and contact them by phone (740) 485-4718 or through their website.

D&H RV and Marine

D&H RV and Marine has spent the last 15 years immersed in the RV and Marine industries in North Carolina. They provide expert electrical installations for a variety of applications, from luxury pontoons to truck campers and teardrop trailers. Find them at 31 Jordan Lake Commons Dr #100 Apex, NC 27523, United States. You can also reach them by phone at (919) 362-4665 or through their website.

Southwest RV

For all your RV electrical needs, Southwest RV has you covered. Conveniently located in Glendale, AZ, Southwest RV offers electrical upgrades and solar installations for all types of RVs.

Reach out by phone at (623) 486-3452 or through their website. Then, find them at 17030 N 63rd Ave Glendale, AZ 85308, United States.

Southwest RV lithium power install

Unplugged RVs

Unplugged RVs is committed to helping you stay unplugged wherever your adventure takes you. Specializing in designing and installing lithium power systems for RVs, they can give you reliable power.  Whether you need custom wiring or a simple battery upgrade, Unplugged RVs has the expertise to get the job done. You can find them at 320 Northstar Ct Sanford, FL 32771, United States, and then reach them by phone at (407) 230-8257 or through their website.

D&D RV Center, LLC

Servicing the northwestern US, D&D RV Center upgrades electrical systems in fifth wheels, truck campers, and other types of RVs. Their team of experts will get you back out on the road with lithium power you can rely on. Contact them by phone at (406) 442-8542 or through their website. Then, find them at 806 Stanley St Helena, MT 59601, United States.

Beta Marine USA

Beta Marine’s depth of experience in the marine industry makes them the perfect choice for your marine electrical system. Whether you need a solution for your sailboat, houseboat, or other marine application, Beta Marine can give you reliable power. You can find them in North Carolina at 11702 NC-306 Arapahoe, NC 28510 United States, and reach them by phone at (252) 249-2473 or through their website.

Sin City Overland

Owned and operated by overland enthusiasts, Sin City Overland is dedicated to helping others get off the beaten path. Installing electrical systems for off-grid, RV, travel trailers, and off-road applications, Sin City Overland can help you achieve energy independence. They’re located at 6969 Speedway Blvd #101 Las Vegas, NV 89115, United States. You can also reach them by phone at (702) 580-2349 or learn more through their website.

Southwest RV lithium power system

Tom Schaeffer’s Camping and Travel Center

Specializing in all things camping and travel, the team at Tom Schaeffer’s would love to upgrade your mobile electrical system. Tom Schaeffer’s provides lithium power systems for all types of RVs, taking your next camping trip to the next level. You can find them at 1236 Pottsville Pike, Shoemakersville, PA 19555, United States. They can also be reached by phone at (877) 235-4422 or through their website.

Dennis Dillon RV, Marine & Powersports

Striving to always be on the cutting edge of industry trends, Dennis Dillon’s RV provides innovative power solutions. They specialize in providing people with lithium battery electrical systems for their RVs. Surrounded by the picturesque beauty of Boise, Idaho, Dennis Dillon’s is passionate about helping people get out in nature. Find them at 6772 W Targee St. Boise, ID 83709, United States, and contact them by phone at (208) 562-8901 or through their website.

Five Star Nomadic

Located just down the street from our headquarters, Five Star Nomadic is our local off-grid power superstar. Their experience includes installing everything from massive stationary systems to mobile power solutions for RVs and truck campers. Five Star Nomadic has the expertise to give you the lithium battery power system of your dreams. You can find them at 8906 Dixon Ln Reno, NV 89511, United States. They can also be reached by phone at (775) 287-6406 or through their website.

Five Star Nomadic lithium power system

Thompson’s RV

As the #1 Outdoor RV Retail Dealer in the US, Thompson’s RV provides top-of-the-line solar and lithium battery installations. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or traveling full-time, Thompson’s RV can install an RV electrical system for your specific needs. Find them at 1201 Southgate Pendleton, OR 97801, United States, and reach them by phone at (541) 276-4836 or through their website.

Avalon RV

Specializing in RV solar systems, lithium batteries, and inverters, Avalon RV is northern California’s go-to resource for RV power. The team at Avalon will install the lithium power system of your dreams! Reach them by phone at (707) 746-0400 or through their website. Then you can find them at 510 E Channel Rd Benicia, CA 94510, United States.

Find Battle Born Batteries Certified Dealers and Installers

Whether you’re building an off-grid home, hitting the road, or setting sail, having a reliable power system is crucial. Equipping your electrical system with the reliable power of Battle Born Batteries will ensure you can get out of there farther and stay out there longer! Once you’ve calculated exactly what your system needs and purchased the components, selecting a reliable installer will ensure headache-free trips and prime relaxation when using your off-grid power system.

Battle Born Batteries certified dealer graphic

Find a map and detailed list of Battle Born Batteries certified dealers and installers through our website. If you have any questions, our technical sales team would be happy to assist you. You can reach them by phone at (855) 292-2831 or by emailing [email protected]


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  1. Mobile install service is needed here in Durango Colorado. 2019 Winnebago View Lithium conversion is needed soon! A reply soon if interested.

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