Battery Monitors

Battery monitors are a useful tool that tell you what’s going on within your system. The monitor can tell you how much current is being used by your system in addition to the battery output. A battery monitor can be used as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with other products. You can also use […]

Setting Up a Trimetric Battery Monitor with Battle Born Batteries

When used in combination with Bogart Engineering Solar Charger, the Trimetric TM-2030 Battery Monitor allows the user to precisely alter the charging parameters used on the Battle Born Batteries. Here is how to set up a Trimetric TM-2030 battery monitor and Bogart Engineering solar charge controller to operate with Battle Born Batteries: 1. Press and […]

The Chick’s Life Upgrade to 12 V Lithium Ion Battery Bank

James and Ashley are Vloggers who document their RV adventures with their daughters, Goose and Maverick. They recently upgraded their fifth wheeler to include a Battle Born lithium ion battery bank. The power of lithium is 3 to 5 times stronger than lead acid or AGM. It allows the Chick Family to boondock wherever they want while doing activities they love.

RVing with the Tanners Get a Deep Cycle Lithium Battery Bank

Jim and Melinda Tanner aren’t full-time RVers but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the outdoors whenever they have the chance. Their Youtube Channel, “RVing with The Tanners” elaborates on their love for the RV lifestyle and all the adventures they go on. Their new LiFePO4 battery bank will get them out there, so they can stay out! Read their blog to learn more about when they plan on transition to full-time.

A LiFePO4 Battery Bank For This Is Nomadic!

Blake Scott and Rachel Firmin, journey through life together while building their business. For them, no two projects are the same. Together they are known as “This is Nomadic” and they have recently upgraded their truck camper with 2 BB10012s. The amount of power they now receive has allowed them to live the lifestyle they desire. Are you upgrading soon?