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Purdue University’s Boilermaker ‘X-tra Special’ Gets Upgraded to Lithium

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Dragonfly Energy: A Green Energy Company

At the forefront of making renewable energy accessible and affordable, Reno, Nevada-based company, Dragonfly Energy has been working to displace lead acid batteries in vehicles, vessels, and material handling for over a decade. They are the leader in lithium-ion deep cycle batteries, made using the safest lithium battery chemistry on the market, lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), and offer these reliable power solutions via their consumer brand, Battle Born Batteries.

Recently, Dragonfly Energy’s CRO got Purdue University involved in Dragonfly’s mission and had lead acid batteries replaced with reliable lithium inside the university’s Official Mascot.

Headshot of Wade Seaburg

A Purdue Grad and Green Energy Leader

Purdue University graduate, Theta Chi Fraternity member, and the Chief Revenue Officer of Dragonfly, Wade Seaburg has been an integral part of Dragonfly Energy’s success and this collaboration with Purdue.

Wade earned a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University and owes much of his successful university experience to the Theta Chi Fraternity. His fraternity involvement prepared Wade to live and work with those of all walks of life: various demographics, cultures, and passions. The organization also prepared him for the challenges he’s faced in competitive sales environments and how he’s built teams to compete in challenging landscapes.

Wade’s friendships that he’s built through Theta Chi have been lifelong and have brought a structure to his life that was lacking at the time for an 18- to 22-year-old student off on their own. Not knowing a single person when he started out at Purdue (not even one) turned into a community of young men whom he now considers family.

The Boilermaker ‘X-tra Special’: Powered by Lithium

Connecting his interests once again, Wade brought his work at Dragonfly Energy to Purdue University. Purdue University’s Boilermaker ‘X-tra Special’ had seen better days, stalling out on the football field ahead of the game against Iowa back in November of 2022. The university mascot was utilizing power components that were either broken or at end of life. But power is no longer an issue with Wade Seaburg equipping it with Battle Born lithium-ion batteries.

There are now (9) total 100Ah 12V GC2 Battle Born Batteries installed in the Boilermaker ‘X-tra Special’, four of which sit in the ‘train’s engine’ compartment, four under the driver’s seat, and one that powers the auxiliary components of the Boilermaker ‘X-tra Special’, including lights.

Two of Battle Born Batteries’ top technical team members worked to develop a reliable power system for the Purdue University mascot. OEM Product Manager, Josh Miller and Senior Technical Sales Specialist, Eric Carter worked hand-in-hand with the Reamer Club, equipping the Club Car turned Purdue mascot with reliable power for its future events, including Purdue University sporting events, private occasions, and more.

Dragonfly Energy has been honored to work with the Reamer Club on one of the Boilermaker Specials.

Learn more about Dragonfly Energy and its consumer line of lithium-ion batteries at DragonflyEnergy.com and BattleBornBatteries.com.

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