Battle Born LiFePO4
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The highest quality LiFePO4 technology,
the fairest price on the market.

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Get out there, stay out there.

Whether your adventure is on the road, on the water, or off the grid, Battle Born Batteries keep you out there longer.




Off the Grid

Breaking down the better battery.

Stacking up to traditional, lead acid technology.

Battle Born Battery 100 Ah LFP packLead Acid 200 Ah
Usable Capacity100 Ah100 Ah
Weight29 lbs144 lbs
Warranty3 years1-2 years typically
OriginMade in USA???
Lifetime Capacity300,000 Amp Hours 30,000 Amp Hours
Upfront Cost$949$450
Cost/Ah0.35 cents / Amp-hour1.65 cents/Amp-hour