Morningstar Professional Series SureSine 115V Classic Inverter



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Compact, powerful and proven in demanding rural electrification and other demanding projects around the globe, the SureSine Classic inverter is the right tool for DC to AC power conversion in small residential, mobile and recreational, and light industrial applications where environmental extremes are a consideration. A cast, anodized aluminum enclosure and encapsulated circuitry—plus an effectively sealed, fanless design– ensure long-term, dependable operation under the harshest conditions.


  • Improved Load Operation – Pure sine wave provides quality AC equivalent to grid power. Toroidal transformer design generates good wave form throughout the range of input voltages. Handles 200% surge up to 600W
  • High reliability – No internal cooling fan or other moving parts. Uses epoxy encapsulation, conformal coating, stainless steel hardware and an anodized aluminum enclosure to protect against harsh tropical and marine environments
  • More power available – High efficiency and low self consumption maximizes power to the loads. Automatic stand-by reduces consumption during no load consumption
  • Speaks Modbus, and SNMP with the optional EMC-1 adapter
  • Other Features
    • More Information – the two LEDs provide important information to the user about system status and any fault conditions. An optional digital meter may be connected to the SureSine to display additional system information.
    • Remote On/Off – improves safety by making it easy to install the SureSine in an inaccessible location or enclosure. Reduces system cost by avoiding the need to add an AC safety disconnect to the system.
    • Adjustability & Communications – four DIP switches provide easy adjustability of several system parameters. Additional adjustability is possible using Morningstar’s USB MeterBus Adapter (UMC-1) to connect to a PC. Free 3rd-party MODBUS software is available for custom programming. IP-based communication, including SNMP, is enabled through Morningstar’s Ethernet MeterBus Converter (EMC-1).
SureSine Classic Inverter Manual



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