Terminal Cover BBGC3 Replacement Kit





The BBGC3 Terminal Cover Replacement Kit comes with two (2) terminal covers and (2) 25mm M5 screws, designed specifically for our BBGC3. These terminal covers will only work on the BBGC3 model and are not compatible with any other battery models. The terminal cover replacement kit is a great option for any users who want to ensure they are keeping their battery terminals as safe as possible.

For installation purposes, users will require a standard Phillips screwdriver. Battleborn recommends hand tightening only when installing your terminal cover replacement kit. Please keep in mind that under-tightening the screws on your terminal cover replacement kit, combined with vibration caused by your vehicle can cause the screws to loosen and become unseated.

Conversely, the overtightening of your replacement kit screws could result in your screws becoming stripped and unusable. It is recommended that you use a standard phillips screwdriver (pictured below) and not any power tool or machine operated tightening appliance when installing. Please only tighten until the replacement kit screws are firmly in place to get the most longevity possible out of your covers.

Phillips Screwdriver
Phillips Screwdriver


Check out the BBGC3 for battery specifications.


This BBGC3 terminal cap replacement kit comes with the following:

(1) Black Terminal Cap

(1) Red Terminal Cap

(2) 25mm M5 Screws


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