User-Friendly BBGC3 Foot Replacement Kit


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The BBGC3 Foot Replacement Kit comes with three (3) feet designed specifically for our BBGC3. With nothing more than a #3 Allen wrench, the foot replacement of your BBGC3 battery is as easy and as user-friendly as possible. Having a spare BBGC3 foot replacement kit that is easily storable and user-friendly is always a great idea for any user.

Battle Born does not recommend finger-tightening the hex bolt. Failure to tighten hex bolts could result in the vibration of your application loosening the bolt causing both the bolt and the BBGC3 foot to come unseated. Do make sure not to overtighten the hex bolt as this could result in your bolt becoming stripped and as such, unusable. We do not recommend using any sort of machine-tightening power tool or appliance to install hex bolts as this could also result in the overtightening of your hex screw.

Used for installation and removal of the user friendly BBGC3 foot.

Check out the BBGC3 for battery specifications, or our FAQ page for any other battery-related questions


The BBGC3 Foot Replacement Kits comes with three (3) feet.

1 right side foot

1 middle foot

1 left side foot

(9) M5 16mm Screws

A #3 Allen wrench is needed to install and remove feet.

*Please note this kit does not come with the #3 Allen wrench*


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