Team Arberry LiFePO4

Darius and Tuyet helped represent Battle Born Batteries with Sean, Isa, and Denis at the Bassmaster Expo Classic in March.  

Meet Team Arberry 

Professional bass fisherman Darius Arberry is an essential part of our Battle Born Family! We are ecstatic that we have been able to power him on his adventures on the water for years.  

Darius Arberry LiFePO4

Darius has fished in over 55 total events and shows no signs of slowing down.  

This comes as no surprise, as he has been fishing professionally for 25 years. Over the years, Darius has fished in 8 total tournaments with 5 Top Ten Career finishes. He is also a part of the Fishing League Worldwide (FLW) Tour, spreading fishing expertise across the country.  

He caught his first bass at seven years old. And a four-pound bass at that! Since that first catch, it has been a match made in heaven for Darius.  

Fishing may seem like a solitary sport, but a lot of hard work goes into every cast. And having a support system is of the utmost importance. Battle Born Batteries loves cheering Darius on along with his biggest supporters, his family, lovingly nicknamed Team Arberry.  

Team Arberry is made up of Darius, his wife Tuyet, and their two children, son Lance and daughter Chenay. Tuyet loves to go fishing with Darius and may have a career in fishing in her future as well!  

Switching to Lithium 

Living in Las Vegas, Nevada, Darius was drawn to Battle Born Batteries first by the name. A native Nevadan, Darius saw the state slogan and the rest was history.  

The first time he went out with his Battle Born Batteries, he beat them up for three days on the water! He has been towing Battle Born Batteries across the west coast for over a year and is always telling others of their power. 

Darius may have encountered Battle Born Batteries because of the name, but he uses them in his boat because of their undeniable power. He knows that Battle Born Batteries will always have enough power to help him get out there and stay out here. And getting out there and staying out there is just what this angler ordered! 

An Angler at Heart 

Darius Arberry LiFePO4 boat

Darius knows that bass fishing is an art and a science that can be learned. He also knows that in order to be a good competitor, you must be able to adapt and overcome.  

That first catch still holds a place in Darius’ heart. He explained in an Instagram post, “I’m very thankful, fortunate and blessed to be in position where I can still pursue my childhood dream of making a living in the fishing industry.” Darius is a dream to be partners with; he does everything whole-heartedly and with a smile. His passion for fishing is undoubtable, and his want to grow and evolve as an angler is prevalent. “I love everything about fishing. I love preparing my tackle, I love washing my boat, I love charging my boat batteries. I’m just an angler at heart.”  

Darius has been busy this last year! In November of 2019, he finished 4th place at the American Bass Association Lake Mead event.  

We recently filmed a Battle Born Session with Darius on Lake Mead late last year. Watch the exclusive interview below!

This February, Darius fished in the WON Bass Arizona Open. He also attended the first event of the Nevada B.A.S.S. Nation Tournament Trail on Lake Havasu. 

He believes that fishing in February is difficult because of the changing weather conditions, but that is all part of the challenge. And the challenge of fishing, no matter what season, is always a thrill for Darius. 

One of his mottos is “be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire,” and we know that Darius truly practices what he preaches. He knows that fishing is his passion, and Darius wants to share that passion every chance he gets.  Darius explains that he is “passionate about sharing my knowledge of bass fishing” to those who want to learn. As long as there is the will to learn and get better, Darius believes that you can chase any dream, no matter how big.  

His hobbies include hunting, but his goal is always to fish more. We can’t wait to see what Darius has up his sleeve this season! 

To follow Darius on his angling adventures, check out his Instagram and Facebook. 

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