Rick Harrison

Off-Grid With Rick Harrison

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Rick Harrison’s Off-Grid Ranch


Rick Harrison has a family business in Las Vegas, Nevada, called The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. Rick and the shop are known on the History channel for being stars of the hit television show, “Pawn Stars”. This popular pawn shop has been open since 1989 and by 2010 Harrison was awarded the Pawnbroker of the Year.



Earlier this summer, Our CEO, Denis Phares and COO, Sean Nichols took a trip to Oregon to meet Rick at his off-grid ranch where he spends 4 to 5 months a year. He has given this place a complete makeover to the point where it has turned into his own little paradise. What was really exciting to see was that this ranch is completely powered off grid with the help of our Battle Born Batteries. Rick Harrison has a total of 48 BB10012s that help power his ranch, a hydroelectric plant and workshop. We were astonished to see the how this power was being utilized and thankful to see the immense support.



While we were out there, with the help of local Reno filming company, Bourns Productions, we shot the following amazing video. We thank them for their outstanding work and know that this video captured the essence of living off-grid. Through this video we also hope that you can embrace the views as much as the Battle Born Battery team did.


A huge thank you to Rick Harrison for allowing us to visit his private off-grid residence. Being able to conversate and capture this are the moments we strive to get from our customers. We really enjoy seeing their battery anxiety dissipate and give them the time to enjoy their outdoor experiences to make more memories!


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