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Living Off the Grid in Port Orford, Oregon with Rick Harrison

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Living off the grid is becoming an increasingly popular lifestyle choice. If you like the silence and peace of nature, it’s a great option. It breeds self-sufficiency, independence, and sustainability. 

But one of the biggest questions for folks wondering how to live life off-grid is, “How do I get the power I need?” 

Birds eye view of Rick Harrison's off-grid home in Oregon.

Rick Harrison’s Paradise

Rick Harrison, star of Pawn Stars in Las Vegas, lives off the grid four to five months out of the year on his unique property outside Port Orford, Oregon. The property is an off-gridder’s dream paradise that is nowhere near any power lines or the grid. He successfully powers his three houses, two garages, and a complete machine shop from his LiFePO4 Battle Born Battery Bank

Living Off the Grid, Powered By Lithium

Mr. Harrison demonstrates how off-grid living can be comfortable and sustainable. He has created an energy-efficient system that powers everything he needs on his off-grid property without using fossil fuels or grid energy. 

One of the most significant components of Rick’s off-grid system is his LiFePO4 Battle Born Battery bank. Lithium batteries are renowned for their high energy density, long cycle life, and low maintenance requirements, making them an excellent choice for off-grid living. With ten 100-amp hour 12-volt Battle Born Batteries, Rick has enough power reserves to keep his ranch running smoothly for days. 

As many folks know, the Pacific Northwest is notorious for its lack of sun. However, Mr. Harrison is not worried about the lack of sun. “With my bank of ten Battle Born Batteries, I can run my system even if there is a lack of sun for a few days!” Rick told us with confidence.  

In addition to his solar panels, Rick has incorporated a hydroelectric pump and wind turbines into his setup. He strategically offsets the power deficit when the sun isn’t shining. These renewable resources work together to ensure that Rick and his property have a consistent energy supply stored in his lithium batteries. Rick’s ingenuity approach showcases the feasibility and benefits of sustainable off-grid living, even in regions with less sunshine. 

Battle Born Batteries power bank at Rick Harrison's off-grid home in Oregon

Lead Is Dead

Rick’s journey from lead acid batteries to lithium batteries mirrors the experience of many who have made the jump before him. It was simple. He was sick of the maintenance and lack of reliability in lead acid. 

“I’m only out here for 4-5 months of the year. I would get sick of returning after a period away and not having power. One lead acid battery would be depleted, and I’d have to throw out the whole thing because I didn’t know which one it was. They worked until they didn’t,” said Rick. 

The constant need for maintenance, the inherent risks involved, and the physical strain of repeatedly lifting heavy lead acid batteries pushed Rick to his breaking point. The disadvantages of lead acid batteries became increasingly apparent, propelling him to seek an alternative. 

Rick Harrison working on a project at his work bench

The Journey to Lithium

So, he began a frenetic deep dive into the world wide web, researching a magical alternative. The search led him to lithium batteries, specifically Battle Born Lithium Batteries. He did his due diligence and called a tech specialist at Battle Born. He was able to discuss his system requirements in detail with an expert. With the tech specialists’ insightful knowledge, Rick was able to purchase a power system specific to his off-grid home needs!

To Rick’s delight, the performance of Battle Born Batteries matched the promises made.

“They worked as they said they work! A fact that is rare for many companies!” Rick ecstatically explains. 

The battery-related anxiety that plagued Rick’s mind has disappeared. He no longer needs to concern himself with the constant upkeep of balancing his lead acid batteries, as his lithium batteries inherently offer more stability and uniform performance. The fickle nature of temperature fluctuations that used to compromise the quality and lifespan of his lead acid batteries is no longer a worry. The enhanced safety features of lead acid batteries have provided much-needed peace of mind for Rick. Once Rick’s Battle Born lithium battery setup was in place, he could rest easy with a newfound sense of reliability and assurance.  

Rick Harrison walking on the porch of his off-grid home

Life Off the Grid with Lithium

Rick’s journey towards life off-grid at his Oregon oasis inspires many aspiring off-gridders. Lithium batteries allow many to achieve this lifestyle and comfort with relative ease. Just as it has done for the face of Pawn Stars, the upgrade to lithium batteries has revolutionized the off-grid experience, presenting a reliable and hassle-free power supply that instills confidence.  

While the initial cost of lithium batteries can catch many off-guard, recognizing the value lies in the long-term cost analysis. However, initially more affordable lead acid batteries come with the significant drawback of requiring replacement every 2-3 years. This frequent replacement cycle incurs additional expenses and contributes to environmental waste if disposed of incorrectly. 

In contrast, lithium batteries offer a lifespan of at least ten years. The longevity and durability of lithium batteries make them a cost-effective investment over time. Off-gridders can enjoy a decade or more of reliable power storage by opting for lithium. The decision to embrace lithium batteries for off-grid living represents a shift from short-term cost considerations to a long-term perspective prioritizing reliability, sustainability, and overall value.   

pond at Rick Harrison's off-grid property

Ensuring Safety and Power | Our Commitment to You

Rick knows the importance of having safe and reliable batteries on his property. Knowing Battle Born Batteries are equipped with a battery management system (BMS) further solidifies his dedication to the company. The BMS is a crucial component integrated into lithium-ion batteries, acting as the central control unit overseeing the battery’s operation. Acting as the control center for the battery pack, the BMS guarantees that the battery is operating under secure conditions. 

A significant advantage of an integrated BMS system is its ability to minimize the risk of thermal runaway. When batteries produce too much heat, it can create a dangerous situation. This is a phenomenon that can happen. The BMS system constantly monitors the battery’s temperature, voltage levels, and charging/discharging rates, ensuring the battery operates within safe limits. 

The safety features inherent to a BMS system underscore the commitment to user safety, product excellence, and longevity. With safeguards and a reliable power system, Rick and other off-gridders can confidently rely on their lithium power systems to provide secure and dependable power! 

Time to make the Jump to Lithium?

If you’ve been on the fence recently about upgrading your off-grid or RV system, call us at Battle Born Batteries today! Our dedicated team of Technical Specialists is standing by to answer your questions and help you figure out the best system. Phone: 855-292-2831

Check out the Battle Born YouTube channel for more inspiration on switching to lithium and setting up your system. Dive into our collection of informative videos, packed with tips, guides, and real-world builds, to better understand the benefits of switching to lithium. All the information is right at your fingertips!

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16 thoughts on “Living Off the Grid in Port Orford, Oregon with Rick Harrison

  1. Just saw Rick on the CPAC conference. Would like him to come to the Phoenix area so he could attend our club meeting. Also i have an autograph of George Bush and Barbara inside a framed letter, that he should look at.
    And yes I like/want your batteries but not until I sell my property in eastern AZ.
    Liked your website and the video said a lot. The utility company here… has expanded in some areas… with batteries!!

  2. Beautiful. We moved from California in 2006 up here in Aumsville Oregon after I retired. We saw the drought coming very real and my husband, my son, and myself loved fishing. Looking forward to getting our licences this year. We have never missed California much. Especially no more tumbleweeds. The fear of fire is there during the summers and fall here. But seeing deer and wild life and green green grass is most wonderful . And WATER.
    In 2015 my husband had a major life changing surgery. Fortunately the doctor just happened to be at Salem Hospital. He is alive today but he follows a very important regiment. Another friend in Prinville Oregon is alive because of the doctors at OSU hospital Portland and doctors at Bend Oregon. Good to know.
    We loved your father very much. And watch Pawn Stars in awe of the knowlege you impart. We know the heat of californa and Neada . We had to leave that for a cooler climate. This perfect. And love our small life in a big world.
    Welcome to your paradise.
    Sincerely, Cheryl and Terry Carter

  3. I am a fan of Pawn Stars AND lithium batteries! Great video clip, I think the property is pretty close to where I live. it would be really cool to see the equipment setup, I am a real geek when it comes to this stuff.

  4. Brad Rice Just saw your show on your ranch in Oregon. We live in Corvallis, and would love to meet you and your wife! I am a retired teacher and coach, and was born and raised in So Cal Dad was a stage manager for CBS for 45 years, and worked showes like, All in the Family, Threes company, Sony and Cher show, Glen Cambell show among many others. Am very impressed with what you have done up here! We love it here as do you!! Do you guys play pinnucle? (sp)

  5. I am a GREEN REALTOR EcoBroker in Central Texas – Austin TX area. I am a Native Texan and have always been interested in all things earth friendly, natural. Growing up we had a 1,000 acre ranch and were semi off grid. I built my own solar water heater in a 1981 class with the local Solar Energy Society. In my current home I have had trainings for energy auditors. I am currently developing a rural acreage property and want to have solar. Initially I need enough energy to run a drill, recharge tool batteries and an air conditioner would be nice. I am getting ready to build a stone water storage tower (or base) for a 2,200 gallon tank, my first water out there. I can have water delivered but as I build, have rainwater.

    1. Hi Betty, thanks for reaching out! You can give us a call at 855-292-2831 to talk about all things batteries with our tech and sales team.

  6. looking to get a solar panel battery system about 10 kWh to be independent from the power company and for emergencies, actually 2 systems for my house in Fort Lauderdale, FL and my 176 acre ranch in Citra, FL
    can you me up an offer of everything needed, thanks

    1. Hello Wolf, thank you for reaching out. Our team would be more than happy to create a sales quote for your system, so please give them a call at 855-292-2831.

  7. Looking for a set up in which I figure 4,200 total Watts on outlets and use of 88 total amp hours. I own a 10,000 watt inverter and a 3000 Honda generator. In addition, I have access to unlimited # of solar panels. So, I could charge batteries with either generator or solar. How many and what size batteries and what other components do I need to buy? Tks, Roy Ellis

    1. Hi Roy, thank you for reaching out. Our team would love to assist with this so please give them a call at 855-292-2831! We offer some great support when it comes to doing system assessments.

  8. I’m very interested in Battleborn Batteries. I’m from Nevada now living in Washington. I want a solar system as a back up for when the grid goes down whether war or weather.

  9. About 10 years back I purchased a couple of acres that was subdivided into 12 lots back in 1889 or so. too my luck its pretty much a ghost town now . its high bank property about five hundred feet from a crystal clear river in the north cascade mountains in Washington State. I have about a year to retire and enjoy it up there in the mountains. So its almost time to build some cabins up there. I have set up a lot of cabins with battery banks , invertors and generator’s and solar. I have designed /engineered foundation systems to repair cabin foundations that were done in cabins built in 1910 or later with great success. I am very impressed with the Battle Born Batteries and can realize and appreciate the facts about these batteries and the design of them and will be installing them in a few years.

  10. I have been living off grid since 2017. Solar&wind. My question is: can I wire my battery bank in series,every 2 – 12 volt batteries becoming 24 volts,and will my Jupiter 2000 inverter handle the change? I have been on 12 volt power all this time but now need more inverter power. ALSO/Jupiter only makes modified sine wave inverters. I need to upgrade anyway,witha 4000 watt pure sine wave inverter. What is your pricing? Thanx/ Rick Batross.

  11. Loved this post! I’ve been dreaming of living off the grid for years, and Port Orford looks like the perfect place to make it happen. Rick Harrison’s tips and recommendations are spot on. Can’t wait to start my own off-grid adventure! 🌿🏠 #offgridlife #PortOrford #sustainability

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