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Living Off-Grid: A Conversation with Rick Harrison

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Battle Born Batteries are a great choice for an off-grid lifestyle, thanks to their safe lithium chemistry and versatility. We enjoy checking up on customers such as Rick Harrison and hearing how he’s able to get out there and stay out there with technology that can’t be beat! 

Meet Rick:

Rick Harrison of History Channel’s Pawn Stars has been able to make his off-grid ranch in Oregon as efficient as possible thanks to our LiFePO4 technology. Running a massive 48 Battle Born battery system, Rick can power three buildings that make up the property, plus his machine shop. Rick’s property is powered by solar, wind, and water with Battle Born Batteries being the perfect solution for storing all that energy. His system allows him to power heavy machinery and make his own lumber now that the energy is stored efficiently. 

In our latest video, Rick spoke with our CEO Denis about how his setup has significantly improved. Lead acid certainly weighed down Rick’s property in the past, and he’s impressed by how our LiFePO4 technology has paired so well with his solar, wind and microhydro setups. After using our products for a few years, Rick believes that the investment has paid off when compared to lead acid! 

With a main house, guest housecaretaker’s quarters, and his machine shop, it takes a lot to power Rick’s property. If he had guests over, he said that the generator would turn on late at night when lead acid batteries failed to supply his system with enough power. Having the wrong power system can ruin the peace that people look for by going off-grid. Splitting his time between Oregon and Las Vegas, Rick would come home after a few weeks of being away to a ton of problems. Most of his time on the property was spent maintaining the batteries or running generators, so he couldn’t relax and enjoy the solitude. 

With Battle Born Batteries, Rick is now able to enjoy his property without all the hassle that comes with a lead acid system. There’s a peace of mind now that he never had with his earlier system. Not only is Rick able to enjoy his time up in Oregon, but he no longer worries about his family being at the property without him there, he knows they are safe with our LiFePO4 batteries and that his family will have reliable power. “You guys came up with something that’s really made a world of difference. It’s so reliable!” Rick said. “If there’s no sun for days, I’m still able to have power when I’m up here.” 

On a sunny day he generates four kilowatts of solar and the hydro plant setup generates 1,700 watts of power all day, every day. With Battle Born Batteries, the most Rick does is check on them about once a week but boasts about how truly maintenance free the batteries are. 

A setup of multiple Battle Born Batteries at Rick Harrison's off-grid property..

What’s Next?

When you are out in exceptionally remote parts of Oregon, the last thing you want to experience is a loss of power when you need it most. This was a serious cause of anxiety for Rick, because if he or his guests were ever caught in a storm, getting to the nearest town would be difficult. Reliable power is an absolute must when living off-grid. At Battle Born Batteries, we are here to help provide peace of mind with a reliable and safe power source for all our customers 

For more information and to see previous videos on Rick’s awesome off-grid ranch, check out our previous blog post here! We’re glad to hear that he no longer has battery anxiety when being far away from town. Check out Rick’s Instagram and the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop website for more information about what he’s up to. 

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One thought on “Living Off-Grid: A Conversation with Rick Harrison

  1. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing this. I am always amazed to see how these ‘off-grid’ estates can run without power lines.

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