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Keep Your Daydream Powers Pika with Lithium

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Keep Your Daydream Powers Pika with Lithium

Keep Your Daydream, also known as The Leaches, has been documenting their life on the road for years, offering tips and tricks for successfully living the nomadic lifestyle. They have certainly kept their daydreams as they’ve learned and evolved as a family on the road. And, through documenting their experiences, their viewers and fans can experience the trials, tribulations, and rewards of RV life in real time with the Leach family.

They’ve covered thousands of miles crisscrossing throughout North America and have grown from beginners with a dream to experts with experience living the dream. Keep Your Daydream’s mantra is to start wherever you are. Once you start, you can build your dream up from there. You just have to start! Getting out there is the first big leap, and with Battle Born batteries, you can get out there and stay out there, just like the Leaches!

The last time we met up with the Leaches, also known as Keep Your Daydream, they were traveling with their three kids in their RV “Grand Ginger.” Marc and Tricia, along with Caleb, Carson, and Tori were crossing the country in their 2018 Grand Design Reflection Travel Trailer. You can read our previous blog post with Keep Your Daydream here.

Since then, they’ve changed rigs, going from “Grand Ginger” to “Toy Ginger,” a Grand Design Momentum 399. Both systems have been powered by Battle Born Batteries, and their current rig is no different.

Time for a Change

With two of their three children away at school, Marc and Tricia realized how much extra space they had in their home on wheels. Who would have thought empty nesting would still be a thing when you were on the road? Marc and Tricia, along with their son Caleb, pondered what to do next. They had done the big RV lifestyle, now what?

“It was time to do something different,” Tricia explained. After careful consideration, conversations with other full-timers and much research, they’ve downsized to a teardrop trailer. This 12-foot trailer offered a completely new and different way of RVing and camping.

With such a significant downsize to their RV, the Leaches found that they could go more places than they had ever been able to go to before. Since the teardrop trailer is attached to their truck, it goes wherever they go.

Their Pika trailer is an off-road edition, meaning there really are no limits when it comes to terrain.

Keep Your Daydream smiling on their trailer

Powered by Lithium

Luckily, there were no limits when it came to power either, as Keep Your Daydream’s rig is outfitted with Battle Born lithium batteries.

Going from one of the largest RVs to a compact 2016 Timberleaf Pika connected to a Jeep doesn’t mean the power is downsized too. Marc and Tricia are well-versed in the superiorities of lithium batteries over lead acid batteries.

Their LiFePO4 battery is stored out of sight in their trailer so they can, as Tricia put it, “stay charged and keep rolling.” And they never have to wonder where their power is coming from or deal with battery anxiety while on the road.

The Leach family mainly uses their lithium power to charge phones and power the Dometic fridge in the compact trailer. Battle Born batteries are half the weight of a lead acid battery, and Marc knows that is important. “Especially when you have a little teardrop Pika, weight is of concern,” but, he continues, “the main advantage [of lithium] is that I don’t have to maintain the batteries.” There may be a second lithium battery in the Pika’s future after all.

What’s Next?

Keep Your Daydream is currently in season 8 of their show on their YouTube channel, which is chock full of advice and tips on RVs of all kinds, and the lifestyle that goes along with it. Not to mention the beautiful views (and rigs) they encounter on their travels!

Stay tuned to see more about their Pika trailer adventures and for their next rig reveal coming soon!

They produce content weekly in order to inspire you to chase your daydream, catch it, and keep it. Turn your someday into today by checking out Keep Your Daydream’s podcast and blog.

Get a closer look at their Pika in this video!

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