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7 RVers Share Their Favorite Boondocking Camp Sites

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Boondocking is one of the most incredible ways to camp in an RV. Many boondocking sites are secluded and have incredible views, perfect for the RVer seeking proximity to nature. 

But with boondocking, it’s hard to know what you’ll get until you show up. It’s hard to find online information for most free camping sites, so word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a good spot. 

To help you on your search, we talked to several RV and van travelers to get the scoop on their favorite boondocking sites. 

What Is Boondocking? 

Boondocking is camping off the grid with no amenities or hookups. Typically, boondocking is done on national forest land or lands that the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) services. It’s usually free, though a few rare BLM sites will have a small fee. 

Many RVers love boondocking for privacy and freedom. It’s usually free to camp, and you get the best views in the country. We personally think that boondocking is the best way to camp and that every RVer or van lifer should give it a try. 

boondocking site overlooking badlands national park

7 RVers Share Their Favorite Boondocking Sites

There are unique boondocking sites all over the country. We interviewed seven RVers for recommendations on their favorite boondocking spots in the country. 

You’ll notice that many are to the west; some of the best RV boondocking is out west because of the abundance of BLM land there. But the west isn’t the only place to find excellent boondocking.

1. Enigmatic Nomadics

Enigmatic Nomadics is the personal brand of Jamie Dimon. Jamie loves to live an off-grid nomadic lifestyle, so he does a lot of boondocking! 

Jamie started his travels in a converted Astro van and now holds van build parties on his property. When we asked him about his favorite boondocking locations, here’s what he said: 

“Depends on the season. Bryce Canyon (or) Twin Lakes, Colorado. Private mountain setting.” 

Boondocking Sites near Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon has some great boondocking sites! You can choose from several dispersed camping areas in the national forest around Bryce Canyon National Park. 

To find great boondocking places in the area, use websites like Campendium or FreeCampsites.net

2. The Round the World Guys

Halef and Michael are The Round the World Guys. These two have a bucket list of destinations around the globe, and they’ve shared their favorite boondocking spots with us! 

Halef and Michael travel in many ways, including planes, boats, and RVs. They stay in AirBnBs, hostels, and a campervan. Here’s what the pair had to say about their favorite boondocking spots:

“We love state and national parks. Right now, we’re boondocking at a fishing marina on Cape Breton Island in Canada. Anywhere out of the way where we don’t disturb others, and they don’t disturb us is ideal.”

Boondocking Sites on Cape Breton Island

Cape Breton Island is at the eastern end of Canada in Nova Scotia. This is a beautiful place to explore and camp, especially if you want nice cooler weather in the summer!

You can find a handful of excellent free camping and boondocking spots for Cape Breton Island on FreeCampsites.Net.

3. Mortons on the Move

Tom and Caitlin Morton are Mortons on the Move. The couple travels full-time in a DRV 32TK3 fifth wheel. They’ve been all over the U.S., including Alaska, and boondocking is one of their favorite ways to camp. 

The Mortons say there’s nothing like the freedom of a great boondocking site. Between the privacy and the stunning views, it’s something everyone should try at least once. 

According to Caitlin Morton, here’s one of their favorite boondocking sites in California:

“Alabama Hills in Lone Pine, California. Between the red rock boulders and the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains, it’s really hard to beat!” 

Boondocking Sites in Alabama Hills

The Alabama Hills in California is a truly unique geographic location. It’s a stunning and rugged topography of large boulders and rocks, so campsites are genuinely secluded and tucked into the trees, rocks, and hills. You view the Sierra Nevada mountains between boulders or just take in the scenery of the Hills themselves. 

You can find excellent boondocking in the Alabama Hills Recreation area

Mortons on the Move boondock at Alabama Hills on their way north to Alaska

4. You, Me & the RV

You, Me & the RV are Phil and Stacy, full-time RV Navy veterans who chronicle their travels on YouTube and on their website. This humorous and entertaining RVing couple travels full time in a Tiffin Allegro 33AA Diesel Pusher RV. 

As far as boondocking sites go, Phil and Stacy love boondocking in California. Here’s what Stacy had to say about their favorite campsite:

“Lower Lee Vining Campground (in) Lee Vining, CA. This beautiful campground is just outside Yosemite National Park. It is absolutely beautiful. This campground is surrounded by mountains and the stars at night are so bright! It is quiet and peaceful…[and] one of the most relaxing places I have ever been. It really is my happy place!” – Stacy Farley

Lower Lee Vining Boondocking Sites

Like Stacy said, this boondocking campsite has incredible views of the mountains and the night sky. It’s located just outside of Yosemite and not too far from Mono Lake in north-central California. There are plenty of spots here, and it’s big rig-friendly, too! 

Learn more about this campsite here.

5. Paige Claasen and Arjan de Kock

Paige and Arjan are professional rock climbers who travel to climbing spots in their DIY converted campervan. As rock climbers, their travels take them to some pretty rugged and remote places! 

Here’s what Paige and Arjan had to say about one of their favorite boondocking spots to date. 

“The Fins, Idaho. The Fins is a climbing destination, with remote camping looking out over the plains. There are no services, but the setting is serene, with lots of space to roam and play. It’s beautiful and gives a sense of freedom [that’s] hard to find at often crowded locations.”

Boondocking in the Fins, Idaho

There’s no website with information on boondocking sites near the Fins in Idaho, but rock climbers can camp in the Upper Fins parking area near the Head Wall. There are no facilities at all and no cell signal either, but there are pretty epic views! The Upper Fins parking area is on BLM land, so free camping here is perfectly legal (as long as you clean up after yourself). 

6. Adventures with TuckNae

Adventures with TuckNae is the travel blog of Tucker and Janae. This couple travels full time in a 2021 Montana High Country 335BH with their two dogs. 

Tucker and Janae’s goal is to visit all 50 states and 63 national parks – and they’re doing a lot of boondocking along the way! Here’s their favorite site: 

“Sacred White Shell Mountain BLM land right outside of Great Sand Dunes National Park. The views of the mountains are incredible!” – Janae

Sacred White Shell Mountain Boondocking Sites

Janae is right–the views at the Sacred White Shell Mountain BLM sites are incredible. What’s even better than the views is the proximity to Great Sand Dunes National Park. 

Check out the Sacred White Shell BLM area here

7. Irene Iron Travels / Irene Iron Fitness

Irene Iron Travels is the personal brand of Chris Willers, a traveling fitness and nutrition coach, and her husband Aaron. Christine travels full-time in an Outdoors RV travel trailer. 

These two have an awesome setup and still manage to bring their workout equipment on the road! 

Here’s what they told us about their favorite boondocking spot. 

“This month, our favorite boondocking spot is in Twin Lakes, CO, because it has vast views of the lakes as well as mountains all around. 360-degree views of paradise!” – Chris & Aaron

Boondocking Sites in Twin Lakes, Colorado

There are tons of excellent sites for boondocking in the Twin Lakes, Colorado area. So many that it’s hard to choose! No matter what site you go with, you’ll have great views all around. Check out these boondocking sites near Twin Lakes on Campendium.

What’s Your Favorite Boondocking Site? 

These are some of the most beautiful boondocking sites in North America, but this is far from all of the amazingly beautiful spots! Most of our customers cite wanting to extend their boondocking capabilities as one of the main reasons for upgrading their RV and van batteries from lead-acid to lithium-ion.

Ranging from the desert southwest to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and then all the way to the East Coast, great free camping spots can be found anywhere. 

Do you have a favorite boondocking spot? What do you love about it? Let us know in the comments.

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