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About Battle Born Batteries

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In this series, we will share more about Battle Born Batteries, the research we conduct, the products we offer and answer some frequently asked questions.  As the first blog in our FAQ series, we wanted to focus on some of the very basic questions we get about who we are as a company and what we do.  

One of the most common questions we get asked is why we make both Dragonfly Energy and Battle Born Batteries.  

Our company Dragonfly Energy provides our revolutionary lithium-ion technology directly to OEMs, or original equipment manufacturers. If you are looking for a turnkey solution to your off-grid boondocking needs, finding an OEM that uses Dragonfly Energy batteries is the way to go! The Keystone Montana’s Super Solar Flex package option or Airstream’s upgraded Power Plus option are just a few OEMs that offer our products turnkeyIn order to help fund our research and development, we created Battle Born Batteries, which offers the same powerful lithium technology directly to consumers.

Who We Are: 

Battle Born Batteries, located in Reno, Nevada, offers the power of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) to bring the most efficient, stable, and powerful lithium-ion battery to the market. Designed to last because of our cutting-edge technology, these batteries can be charged and discharged repeatedly, unlike leadacid batteries. From the start, our company’s goal has been to make green renewable energy readily available for everyone. Our batteries are specifically used in marine, off-grid, RV, van, and golf cart applications.  

Founded in 2013 by our CEO Denisour doors officially opened to the public in 2014. Denis was enrolled in the Executive MBA program at the University of Nevada, Reno. Denis had a dissatisfaction with the energy storage industry, a sector where he previously had worked. With a goal to change the way lithium-ion batteries are made, Denis set to work building them out of his garage. The idea was so successful, Denis went on to place highly in competitions such as the University’s Sontag Entrepreneurship competition and the Donald W. Reynolds Tri-State Governor’s Cup. Battle Born Batteries has been working hard to help you get out there and stay out there ever since. 

Why do Battle Born Batteries use Lithium? 

Our company believes lithium is superior to leadacid batteries in many ways. Better for the environment and your wallet, our batteries can power so many applications. Whether it’s a sailboat on the open water or an off-grid homestead, our LiFePO4 deep cycle batteries offer several advantages over lead-acid batteries. Some of the biggest advantages are they are a fifth of the weight of the average AGM battery, they’re maintenancefree with a built-in battery management system, BMS, and they last for thousands of cycles over its long lifespan. 

Our batteries don’t emit gases or fumes during use or while stored, thanks to the stability that lithium iron phosphate chemistry provides. Our products come in all popular battery sizes and can be used as drop-in replacements for leadacid. We’ve also launched the heated model of our BB10012 battery, incorporating an internal heating system for the charge and discharge restrictions for the BMS.  

In our recent white paper study, our team tested our standard BB10012 against comparably sized lead-acid batteries for cold temperature charging which proves even non-heated batteries outperform lead-acid batteries at every temperature 

Backed by a ten-year warranty and a stateside customer service and tech team, our company makes a product that will deliver stored power when needed.   

What Do We Do?

While we do not conduct installs at our facilitiesour sales and tech specialists are more than happy to help you design the perfect system for you. Our team is happy to help get you the correct sized battery bank and supporting components, along with troubleshooting if something is not functioning as it should. Please note that we are not installers and always recommend getting your system checked out by a certified professionalWe have installers that we work with across the country, and in Canada, so ask a member of our team for their recommendations in your area! 

We Know What You’re Thinking. Do We Sell Batteries to the Public?  

The answer is: yes, we do! We offer free shipping to the main 48 states, but also ship internationally. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska is available, and shipping quotes can be provided upon request. International shipments are available via a US-based freight forwarder, but all additional charges are the customer’s responsibility, such as duties, taxes, freight and any potential warranty returns. We unfortunately can’t ship to all locations in the world, but we are able to ship to most placesIn total, customers must pay for shipping, along with the duties, taxes and fees when applicable.  

Now You’re Asking Yourself, Where Can You Buy Our Batteries? 

Our website, of course! Not sure of what you need or if your existing components are lithium compatible? Give our sales and tech team a call at (855292-2831 or email them at [email protected]. They will help get you setup with everything you need and answer any questions that you may have. 

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7 thoughts on “About Battle Born Batteries

  1. Can I add a battery at a latter date, say a year later? will the older battery’s and the new one charge ok ?

    1. Hello Donald, thank you for reaching out. Adding another battery in the future will not be an issue, just bring all the batteries to a full state of charge before using. Please let me know if you have any additional questions and have a great rest of your day!

  2. I have an electric boat that runs on 144vdc. Currently I have 12 agm batteries in series. Can I do that with Battle Born batteries?

    1. Hi Joseph! Thanks for reaching out. Our batteries can only be connected to 48V. If you have any additional questions please give our team a call at 855-292-2831.

  3. Put a heat warmer on top of batteries which melted the top of the case however the case isn’t separated or showing anything below it. The terminal cables are okay. Question: What is the possibility of the battery being damaged?

    1. Hi Denise. As long as none of the operational components of your battery were damaged, such as the terminals, you should still be able to use the battery. Our technical sales team would love to assist you in troubleshooting and ensuring your system still works appropriately. You can reach them at (855) 292-2831 (M-F 8:00 am – 4:30 pm (PST)).

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