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How To Configure Victron BMV-700 with LiFePO4 Batteries

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The Victron BMV-700 LiFePO4 battery monitor is a highly precise device to track important information regarding your Battle Born lithium battery system. It displays voltage, amperage, and the time remaining until the battery bank is fully charged or depleted. The Victron BMV can also monitor historical data, such as battery efficiency, average discharge, deepest discharge, number of cycles, and over-voltage/under-voltage alarms. 

The Victron BMV-700 is incredibly user-friendly. It can easily be connected to a smartphone using a Bluetooth dongle and the app. This lets you easily view BMV or MPPT information on your iOS or Android device. The Victron features a VE.Direct communication port and relay invert function making it an excellent choice for those who want accurate and customizable battery monitoring solutions. 

In order to properly show this device’s enormous benefits, we created a walk-through video on how to set the Victron BMV-700 up with Battle Born Batteries.

Add the Victron BMV-700 LiFePO4 Battery Monitor to Your Power System

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Victron Battery Monitor BMV-700

Set Up the Victron BMV-700 From Your Device:

Plug the Dongle into the white port. Click in and apply power. When BMV lights up, click and hold “setup” for 5 seconds and input the following:

  1. Battery capacity: 100 Ah
  2. Charged voltage: 14.2 volts
  3. Discharge Floor: 0%
  4. Tail Current: 4.0%
  5. Charged detection time: 3 minutes
  6. Peukert Exponent: 1.05
  7. Charge efficiency factor: 99%
  8. Current threshold: .10 amps
  9. Time to go average: 3 minutes
  10. Zero current: zero
  11. Synchronize: sync
  12. Relay mode: default

Set Up the Victron BMV-700 on Your Phone with Bluetooth Dongle:

Step 1: Download the Victron Connect app to your phone

Step 2: Select your device

Step 3: From Home screen, click on Battery Settings icon in top right corner and input the following:

  1. Battery capacity: 100 Ah
  2. Charged voltage: 14.2 volts
  3. Tail Current: 4.0%
  4. Charged detection time: 3 minutes
  5. Peukert Exponent: 1.05
  6. Charge efficiency factor: 99%
  7. Current threshold: .10 amps
  8. Time to go average: 3 minutes
  9. Zero current: zero
  10. Synchronize: sync
  11. Relay mode: default

Step 4: Click on Relay and input the following:

  1. Battery Mode: Default
  2. Inverter Relay: OFF
  3. Minimum close time: 0 minutes
  4. Relay off delay: 0 minutes
  5. Low SOC relay: 5%
  6. Clear low SOC relay: 10%
  7. Low voltage relay: 11 volts
  8. Clear low voltage relay: 12.5 volts
  9. High voltage relay: 14.8 volts
  10. Clear high voltage relay: 14.4 volts
  11. Low starter voltage relay: 0 volts
  12. Clear low starter voltage relay: 0 volts
  13. High starter voltage relay: 0 volts
  14. Clear high starter voltage relay: 0 volts

If anything is unclear or if you have additional questions, please give us a call at (855) 292-2831 or email us at [email protected]. We are happy to help!

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35 thoughts on “How To Configure Victron BMV-700 with LiFePO4 Batteries

  1. Here’s a quick reference so you don’t need to keep replaying the video like I did. There are only 4 changes from default (01, 02, 05 and 06) marked with a *:

    01 Battery Capacity — 99AH *
    02 Charged Voltage — 14.4v *
    03 Tail Current — 4.0%
    04 Charged Detection — 03
    05 Puekert Exponent — 1.05 *
    06 Charge Efficiency Factor — 99% *
    07 Current Threshold — 0.10A
    08 Time to Go Averaging Period — 03
    09 Zero Current Calibration — ZERO
    10 Synchronize — SYNC
    11 Relay Mode – DFLT

  2. Awesome! Thanks so much for making setup that much easier! So foolish question I’m sure, but with a two Battleborn 12volt system, set at 198ah per the video (99ah recommended on single battery) are there any other changes I should make? Thanks again.

  3. Do you have any graphs showing more details on voltage vs. amp/time draw on your 12 volt lithium battery under say a 2 or 5 amp draw over 12 hour period

  4. Ok so I have a system with the BMV-702, Victron 3000w/12v inverter and two Smart Solar charge controllers. I also have 5 of your batteries wired in parallel. I have noticed that my system is only charging to an SOC of .5% less than the day before. All of my equipment is set to the parameters listed here. Do you guys having any thoughts on what may be going on or what adjustments may need to be made?

    1. Johnathan,
      Try reducing your end charging current from 4% (as suggested in the video) to 1%. This will allow the batteries be topped off in the absorption stage a little bit more. This will also allow extra time for balancing. If the charge current is high, than 4% of the charge current may be too high for the final top off.

      Also, make sure that you don’t have any connections on the battery side of the Victron shunt, except for the negative terminal of the battery bank. That could create of a path for current to flow that is not being detected by the monitor and yield inaccurate SOC.

  5. Hi BB,

    I bought 3 100AH 12V last fall. Wired in parallel. . I configured it with a victron BMV 702 and a victron blue solar 100/30. Set up per your instruction videos. Very helpful btw. All is well no issues.

    A a week ago, I upgraded to a victron BMV 712 and a victron smart solar 100/30 and I’m curious how to ensure that I get the state of charge synced property. What advice can you offer me?


    1. Sam,
      thanks for reaching out I am glad your system is working as planned. Best thing to do after programming it is to let it run for a couple of days, it should settle in properly. If that doesn’t work let us know we can help you via phone.

  6. I have a system with three, 24v 50ah batteries. Can you help me with the BVM-712 settings for this battery bank? I’m unclear if Battery Capacity refers to the individual batteries used or to the bank and if it is available capacity for use.

    1. Hi Bill,
      The Capacity reading refers to the batteries as a whole. You will set your settings to 150AH because they are in a 24V system.

      Battery Capacity: 300Ah
      Charged Voltage: 28.8V
      Tail Current: 4.00A
      Charged Detection time: 3m
      Peukert: 1.05
      Charge Efficiency: 99%
      Current Threshold: .10A
      Time-to-go: 3m

      If you have any other questions Bill, please do not hesitate to give us a call or email us at [email protected]

        1. Hi there! We will look into this comment to see why these suggestions were recommended by our previous marketing team member. Thank you for bringing it to our attention and if you have any other questions, please give our sales and tech team a call at 855-292-2831 or send an email to [email protected]. Thank you again and have a great rest of your evening.

  7. I have a system with 8, 12v 240ah batteries. Can you help me with the BVM-702 settings for this battery bank?. My system with the BMV-702 includes a Victron MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100 Inv/chrg.

  8. I have 3 Battleborn 100Ahr batteries connected in parallel in an RV for a 12v system. I use the BMV712 shunt on the negative battery posting. I also have 400W of solar via Victron 100-50 solar controller and Victron 2K inverter/charger. These components are all hooked into a Victron Venus hub reporting to the Victron VRM. There is no AC shore power connected to the RV, it is nighttime so no solar input. This is a new setup with individual components setup per instructions on this website. It has been running 2 days/nights and I am seeing the SOC more or less constant at 100% through the entire night. The battery voltage is 13.16v with a constant 2.80 amps current draw so I would normally suspect the SOC should be reading around 50%. I would expect to see the SOC slowly drop overnight and then start rising in the morning as the solar starts contributing. Any help is appreciated.

    1. Hello Bob,

      When you are seeing a 13.16 voltage that is right around 50% of your battery remaining. If you are starting the night after the solar charges during the day at anywhere between 13.6 and 14.4 then seeing 13.1 by morning time, that sounds about right. Is this the case?

  9. Battery Capacity — 99AH that’s if you are running only 1 battle Born 100 amp hour battery correct? So if I’m running 2 battle Born 100 amp hour batteries this should be set at 198?

    1. Hi Bill,

      The amperage capacity should be set to what ever the total AH is of your entire battery bank. This will allow the correct calculations for the BMV and for 2 of our batteries you will want to set it for 200AH.
      The 99AH was an old measurement from previous batteries.


  10. For “1. Battery capacity:”. Is the 99Ah a standard or is that per battery? Four Battle Born batteries would be 396 Ah.

    1. Hi Richard, thanks for reaching out! We usually have our customers set the capacity to 100ah for each battery or 400 amps total for four batteries. If you have any other questions, please feel free to give our team a call at 855-292-2831 or send us an email to [email protected].

      1. Similarly, Can I set the charging amps to the maximum of the Victron, 120amps for a bank of 4 battleborns? Thanks in advance.

        1. Hi Andrew, we’re happy to help answer your question. The recommended charge rate for a bank of four is 200 amps, and the charge voltage should be set to 14.2V. If you have any other questions, feel free to give our sales and tech team a call at 855-292-2831 and they can walk you through the charging process if necessary. Thanks again and have a great day!

  11. I have 16 100ah BB batteries hooked up as 4 sets of 4 in series than in parallel. (48 volt 400 ah system) I need help with my BMV-700 setup. It is properly set up on one of the four sets. My question is, In the BMV-700 should my battery capacity be set to 100ah which is the amperage of the set it’s hooked to or 400ah which is my total system capacity?

  12. Our SmartBMV-712 was working awesome, showing the state of our batteries (which we love, thank you), until we ran our 6 battleborn 100ah batteries dry one night. Ever since, the Bluetooth shows them at 100% charge, even the next morning when they were dead. Is there an easy way to reset the system? All the inputs are still as recommended. Thank you! Still loving our system!

  13. Thank you for the detailed information and follow-ups!
    I have (4) BB100’s run in parallel connected to a complete Victron system (Multiplus 12/3000, BMV-700, SmartSolar Charge, 1080 watts of panels, Color Control).
    I am having (3) apparently separate issues…
    1) I have a generator connected and limited to 21 amps input (any more and it trips the 30 amp breaker on the generator). With nothing else drawing current I am only getting about 100 amps charge on the batteries through the Multiplus. That seems by my math way short of what it should be pumping into them. Am I wrong?
    2) When I set the BMV-700 to the settings described in this article I get a 1000 watt phantom charge on the Color Control display showing about 1000 watts coming from the DC system into the batteries, so the SOC is off… When I tweak the Puekert Exponent setting to 1.03 and others to default it brings the phantom charge down to around 100 watts. Nothing in my system except the Victron components stated above generated a DC charge. The phantom wats do not disappear at night either. Any Ideas where this phantom current is coming from? I know it isn’t a real charge current…. And, if anything there should be a draw (fridge in DC mode, usb chargers running off 12v, etc). I am wondering if I need to go through all my components and update & reprogram everything…
    3) For some reason my 1080 watt solar charger had not exceeded 400 watts all summer. (peak gain months for southern Michigan where I have seen 1100+ watts in the past…) I’m wondering if I have failed panels… I cleaned them, and there did appear to be cracks on the panel board cells (more than I ever remember seeing before, but I can’t always trust my menory!) Any suggestions on testing that?

    1. Good morning Stephen! If you could please give our sales and tech team a call at 855-292-2831 and they would be more than happy to help.

  14. Can you tell me why on the relay the starter values are set at zero?

    Low starter voltage relay: 0 volts
    Clear low starter voltage relay: 0 volts
    High starter voltage relay: 0 volts
    Clear high starter voltage relay: 0 volts

  15. talked to a tech support this morning and after watching this video on wiring the shunt, very good information. Ya’ll are the best.

    Thank you

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