As a long-time sponsor of the Beyond the Wheel Podcast, Battle Born Batteries helps brand partners Sean and Kenny see the world in their LiFePO4 powered rigs. Our team enjoys helping people get out there and stay out there during these unprecedented times. And we are honored to be able to help these experts – and friends- spread knowledge on all things RVing and beyond.

About Beyond the Wheel

Podcasting is reaching its peak popularity and Beyond the Wheel, hosted by Sean Chickery of Chickery’s Travels and Kenny Phillips of Moving Forward Adventures, is no exception.

Beyond the Wheel focuses on the people and ideas that drive the RV industry forward. It all began in 2018, and the hosts aim to bring on companies who are interesting to them and their listeners.

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Sean and his wife Julie lived in their 5th wheel for 6 years, but now have a home base to enjoy being grandparents.

Kenny lives in a Class A motorhome with his wife Sabrina and is a certified RV inspector. He loves the RV lifestyle and its surrounding community and continues to push to make it better.

The two met at a 2018 RV Summit because Julie was a huge fan of Kenny’s. She walked right up and introduced herself and they all hit it off. Four months later, Sean had an idea for a podcast, and Kenny immediately came to mind.

The pairing is a match made in heaven, as the podcast reached its 2-year anniversary. Sean considers himself to be more technical and knowledgeable when it comes to aspects of the podcast, while Kenny is a fast talker who loves to chat with guests! A dynamic like that is vital, they say, because “it helps to balance the line between boredom and excitement.”

They consider Beyond the Wheel to be super niche as it focuses more on the industry and business aspects of RVing as opposed to focusing on destinations or attractions while traveling. They discuss products that have made their nomadic lives easier, whether it’s water filtration products or RV thermostats.  Podcasting is also a team effort and having a good partner to create content with is important.

They’re looking to feature more manufacturers of the booming RV industry and are interested in seeing how they’ll handle the sudden changes. Sean and Kenny strive to feature people they really want to talk to, and polling listeners to see what topics they are interested in is part of their podcasting process.

“Companies have been coming to us and asking to be on the show,” said Kenny. “It’s nice that people are searching us out.” We have believed in Sean and Kenny’s vision from the start and are so glad that it has grown into the informational hub that it is now.

Achieving the RV Lifestyle

Their podcast has hosted our CEO Denis and COO Sean in their own episodes. With the hosts, Denis discussed the beginnings of Battle Born Batteries brand and the company Dragonfly Energy.

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When it comes to advice about podcasting or getting into RVing, an interest in both industries is crucial to success. RVing is broad, and YouTube is a wealth of knowledge when you’re first starting out. Sean and Kenny credit the RV Geeks specifically as an informational hub. Sean also believes renting a rig to test out is far more inexpensive than going all out, taking the plunge and disliking the lifestyle in the end.

Having experienced so many years on the road, both Sean and Kenny have found ways to get out there and stay out there. Sean and Julie kept their jobs and did three years of remote corporate work full-time. Kenny and Sabrina have been able to declutter their lives and create great content for their viewers when it comes to their experience of living in a Class A gas RV.

They also see the RV industry changing rapidly in the next five years as the focus shifts more towards electric as opposed to propane. The industry also might need to be more accommodating towards people who work while on the road. A concern they have, however, is that due to the Covid-19 pandemic more people are now crowding campgrounds. They hope to see a spike in boondocking but hope the opportunities don’t go away because of bad behavior. With the growing interest in RVing and boondocking, they hope to teach others about the etiquette and comradery of the RV lifestyle.

What’s Next for Beyond the Wheel?

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Sean and Julie have been settling down a bit while preparing for the arrival of their first grandchild. Kenny and Sabrina plan to cover almost 8,000 miles on visits to Iowa, Minnesota, Indiana, Virginia and California!

Beyond the Wheel has guests booked through the end of the year, and they couldn’t be happier that Battle Born Batteries is a sponsor. As a recognized name in the RV industry, Sean and Kenny believe that our sponsorship is something that boosts their credibility. And we pride ourselves in helping them share their RVing experience with the world.

You can listen to Beyond the Wheel as they create episodes here, along with their Facebook page. It’s also available on streaming places such as Spotify, iTunes and Stitcher.

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