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Angler Joey Nania Uses LiFePO4 Technology to Power His Boat!

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For Joey Nania, being able to get out on the water and stay out there for long periods of time is all he needs for a successful career in angling. Fishing 300 days out of the year on average is no easy task. He casts away his battery anxiety now that 300 amp hours of our flagship model, the BB10012, are in his boat!  You can read our previous entry about him here!

Meet Joey:

Joey Nania holding up a trophy next to his 2 sons and wife

As a guide, Joey knows the ins and outs of popular lakes along the Coosa River system in Alabama, such as Logan Martin Lake and Lay Lake. He loves taking on a teaching role and learning from his former students as they become college anglers on the pursuit of their dreams of becoming professionals.

Earlier this year, Joey won the highest honors at the Bassmaster Open at Pickwick Lake. During the event, constantly changing his bait and making sure to mix up casting locations were his strategy to nabbing the win. Throughout the years of fishing, Joey’s learned that you must keep and open mind and change with the conditions day by day to consistently have success on the water!

His two sons, Zeke and Eli, are eight and five years old. Zeke is the same age that Joey was when he realized that he wanted to be a professional angler when he grew up, and truly wants to follow in his father’s footsteps!

Currently, Joey runs 4 BB10012 Battle Born Batteries in his boat, a Nitro Z-20. Having 400 amp hours of power onboard allows him to run a Mercury 250 Pro XS 4-Stroke Engine and a Motorguide Tour Pro Trolling Motor. Thanks to the lightweight build and industry-leading technology of our batteries, Joey’s views on his power supply have changed significantly. The LiFePO4 onboard has truly helped him cover so many miles out on the water.

“Worrying about your batteries is such a mentally taxing thing that all anglers go through at one point, until they upgrade to a lithium system,” said Joey. “I’ve fished in situations with heavy currents and strong winds, but my entire system was able to handle it.”

One perk for upgrading to lithium is how quickly the batteries charge. Joey notes that he plugs them in after a day of fishing and before heading to bed, they’re fully charged.

“I’m always fishing and competing, so my system is always being used,” he said. “It helped me get 7th overall in the Bassmaster Southern Division and tie for 5th in the Bassmaster Central Division.”

Joey Nania on the water in his bass boat.

What’s Next for Joey Nania?

Joey is pumped for his chance to fish in the 2022 Bassmaster Classic and is spending this time in the off season with his family and on the water. He loves to fish with his wife Jessica and his boys, Zeke, and Eli as much as possible when he isn’t guiding or fishing tournaments. The great thing is when he embarks in his tournament travels his entire family goes with him every step of the way! For the Nanias, faith and fishing together as one truly is their way of life!

“We definitely try and fish a ton, and I had a great season because I had a reliable battery system to back it up!” said Joey. “I love every aspect of fishing and love learning about everything there is to know about the industry.”

His dream catch is a 12 pound largemouth bass, and Joey jokes that it would “make for an excellent mounted trophy despite how fish look pretty grossly huge at that size class!” It would be a fraction larger than his biggest catch to date of the 10 pound variety.

Joey suggests that anyone looking to get into the world of competitive angling should be aware of good opportunities and join their middle and high school bass fishing teams. They also should make sure to never give up, even when things on the water are getting difficult. Overall, having a positive attitude and making genuine friends every step of your life is what Joey believes to be the key to success.

“People look up to me, and I’m always looking up to others. Mentors are really important, and so is genuinely caring about people and connecting with them,” he said.

A photo of Joey Nania with a large mouth bass on his bass boat.

Joey also co-hosts Sweetwater TV with fellow pro angler and friend Miles Burghoff. The two hosts share their expertise and explore above and below the water all across the country. Battle Born Batteries could not be more excited to be a sponsor! Tune in to watch where Joey and Miles will fish next and follow SweetwaterTV’s Instagram to find premiere times and updates.

Check out Joey on his Instagram, Facebook, YouTube channel and blog.

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