Sean and Kristy Fouts decided to upgrade their outdoor adventures when they purchased their Airstream, Willa, in 2019. Now with a home on wheels, the Fouts and their adventure pup Lili love heading out on weekend adventures in search of scenic views and wildlife encounters. With a goal to visit every National Park in the US, there is always a new place to explore and a new adventure for Sean and Kristy to go on.

Meet Kristy and Sean Fouts

Kristy and Sean Fouts

Ever since her early years of childhood, Kristy Fouts has been awestruck by the beauty and tranquility of nature. Taking time to explore and get outside, while immersing herself in nature, has always been a favorite pass time. Kristy’s love for nature eventually grew into a passion for learning about wildlife and nature photography. When she’s not enjoying the great outdoors, Kristy loves playing the guitar and watching Broadway musicals.

Sean Fouts, Kristy’s husband, is also an outdoor enthusiast who loves following professional sports and working on his golf game. In their free time together, they love traveling around the western US and visiting iconic landmarks. After a long work week, Kristy and Sean can’t wait to head out on their next adventure to get fresh air and take in scenic views.

In 2019, the Fouts were looking for a way to get out and explore more and begin researching Airstream travel trailers. They eventually found a great deal on a pre-owned 2017 Airstream Sport, which they later named ‘Willa’, and made the leap. While this was a large investment, Kristy and Sean knew they would make the most out of it. Living in the Pacific Northwest, they were within an hour of mountains, beaches, lakes, National Parks, and much more and there would always be somewhere new to discover.

Willa Wanders

The Joys of Airstream Adventures

Despite both Kristy and Sean still working full-time, they would take Willa out as often as they could. Kristy is a public elementary school teacher, but she recently began teaching remotely as a part of a fully remote option offered by her school district. Sean is a Product Line Manager for an apparel brand and is able to work partially remote and partially in person. They’re flexible work schedules have allowed the Fouts to travel more often and work from the Airstream when necessary.

The ability to travel so frequently has given Sean and Kristy the opportunity to travel to so many beautiful places. While it’s nearly impossible for them to pick one favorite, they recalled a trip they took last year to Palm Desert, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon. This was the first time they had traveled through deserts and were amazed by their beauty after falling in love with the huge rock formations, warm weather, and cacti.

Kristy and Sean Fouts

While Kristy and Sean are drawn to jaw-dropping landscapes when they travel, some of their favorite memories involve interactions they’ve had with wildlife. At the end of last summer, they were in the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone and had woken up early to take sunrise photos. In addition to the breathtaking sunrise, they also spotted a moose calf grazing with its mother and a coyote playing with a badger just feet from them!

Willa the Airstream has given Sean and Kristy so many more opportunities to be immersed in nature than they ever could have imagined. They love having a home on wheels to take with them on their adventures. The sleek design, modern décor, and natural lighting from the abundance of windows are what make Willa feel like home for the Fouts, and practically, the Airstream’s aerodynamic exterior helps reduce gas mileage, allowing Sean and Kristy to go out on more adventures.

Willa Gets Upgraded with Battle Born Batteries

Initially, Willa came with a lead acid battery powering the electrical system. Multiple times while Kristy and Sean were dry camping, the battery died on them. They even recalled one night when they were staying at a vineyard and the battery ran out. It was only 32 degrees that night and the Fouts were without heat and electricity. The couple began searching for alternatives and that’s when they made the decision to upgrade to Battle Born Batteries. Willa’s new system is now equipped with

Willa Wanders

“Making the switch to Battle Born Batteries has given us so much more freedom!” Kristy and Sean have the confidence to go on longer trips knowing that if they boondock or are without hookups, they will still have all the power they need. Before, they’re outlets only worked when plugged into shore power. Now they can power more devices, tools, and even Kristy’s hairdryer while boondocking. The Fouts love getting to spend more time immersed in nature without having to worry about running out of power in the middle of the night.

Traveling with an Adventure Pup


One of Sean and Kristy’s favorite parts about traveling in the Airstream is the time they get to spend with their pup Lili. Lili was born in Kauai but sent to an animal shelter in Oregon to increase her chance of adoption, and that’s where the Fouts’ found her. Sean and Kristy were married on Kauai and felt an immediate connection to Lili and knew from the first time they met her that she was the dog they had been waiting for.

Although Lili is a larger dog, she acts like a lap dog and enjoys snuggles and burrowing under blanks. She loves running free at the dog park, chasing squirrels, and exploring on hikes with Sean and Kristy. Her high levels of endurance and energy make Lili the perfect travel companion. Lili feels at home in the Airstream and loves returning from a long day of adventure to relax by the campfire.

Kristy and Lili

Having Willa has made it so much easier for Kristy and Sean to travel with Lili. When they would leave her home alone, she would get separation anxiety, but now they can bring Lili on their adventures, and she has a home away from home. Although they have to leave her in the Airstream for short periods of time when they visit National Parks that don’t allow dogs, Lili’s been doing much better, especially since Willa has enough power to keep Lili comfortable. “When she’s alone in the Airstream, we like to play “The Sound of Music” on the TV for her.  Now our Battle Born batteries get to power her movie musicals!”

What’s Next for Willa Wanders?

Willa Wanders

Sean, Kristy, and Lili spent last spring traveling around the western US visiting Big Sur, Santa Barbara, Death Valley, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton National Park. After Kristy’s school went on break for the summer, they began a long trip traveling through the Canadian Rockies. They recently visited Banff National Park, a trip they’ve been planning for two years since they’re original trip in 2020 was cancelled. The Fouts will finish out their trip in Washington and then head home so Kristy can prepare for the upcoming school year.

Eventually, Kristy and Sean would love to visit every U.S National Park and next on their to do list are all the parks in Utah. They can’t wait to get back to the beauty and serenity of the desert and are looking forward to future traveling adventures. Whether they’re on snowy hikes in Yosemite, driving down the coast of California in the sunshine, or hiking through the mountains, Sean and Kristy are always chasing scenic views and the opportunity to photograph wildlife. Although it’s not in their current plans, the Fouts just might end up making Willa their permanent home.

Kristy and Sean Fouts

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