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What to Expect at the Annual RVDA Convention and Expo

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From November 6 – 10, 2023, dealers and associate businesses from every corner of the RV industry will gather in Las Vegas. Throughout the week, the Paris Las Vegas hotel will host the RVDA Convention and Expo. The halls of the convention center will be lined with booths showcasing the latest technological advancements and innovations in the RV industry. Dealers of all shapes and sizes are invited to attend the event and take part in various seminars and workshops to take them to the next level.  

What is the National RV Dealers Association (RVDA)? 

Curtis Trailers RV Dealership

As the RV industry continues to expand, the presence of centralized groups of dealers and retailers is essential. These groups allow key industry players to gather together, share ideas, and shape policy.  The National RV Dealers Association (RVDA) is one of the largest groups of its kind in the United States. “RVDA is at the forefront of dealer-manufacturer issues, state, and federal legislation that affect RV retailers, the national Go RVing advertising campaign, and educational programs covering all aspects of dealer operations.” 

Through influential leadership and expert advice, RVDA is also shaping the future of the RV industry. By promoting their voices, RVDA can effectively represent the needs of dealers and retailers to legislators, regulators, and important stakeholders. “Members can actively participate in the association’s programs and services that offer innovative business practices and the opportunity to experience new industry products.” 

Curtis Trailers RV Dealership

“The National RV Dealers Association is the only national association dedicated to advancing the RV retailer’s interests through education, member services, industry leadership, and market expansion programs.” Facilitating a space to share ideas, developing expertise to advise best practices, and allowing for industry teamwork are just a few of the ways RVDA supports the RV industry. Furthermore, dealers of every size can join the organization. RVDA supports diverse opinions and strives to represent all members equitably.  

In addition to creating space for dealers to gather, RVDA plays a major role as a catalyst for industry solutions. Through regular gatherings and industry events, RVDA continues to play a pivotal role in the success of the industry. “As a result of RVDA’s influential leadership, RV dealers experience business success, and more consumers are able to enjoy the benefits of owning, maintaining, and using recreation vehicles.” 

RVDA’s Event of the Year  

Hemlock RV Dealership

Every year, top players within the RV industry gather for one of the most anticipated events of the year. Dealers, manufacturers, suppliers, and other stakeholders of the RV industry, from across the United States for the RVDA Convention and Expo. This year they will converge under the lights at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. This weeklong convention boasts premier dealer education and unmatched networking opportunities for members and non-members alike.   

While membership is not necessary to attend the event, it is an industry convention and requires a business email address for registration. Both dealers and associates of the RV industry are able to take part in the RVDA expo. For non-members, registration for the weeklong convention will cost $1,799. Among the many other benefits of RVDA membership, dealers and associate members can attend the convention for $1,299. Whether a dealership sells, services, or rents RVs, or the business is associated with the RV industry, membership offers unique benefits and tools that give any business a competitive edge.  

Then, once your registration is complete, the next step is planning a trip to Las Vegas! This year, the RVDA Convention and Expo will take place from November 6-10, 2023. Conveniently located at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, there are two hotel room blocks available. You can stay in the heart of the strip at Paris Las Vegas or just down the road at Horseshoe Las Vegas. Each of these room blocks offers an affordable variety of options to suit your needs. You’ll experience the electric nightlife and one-of-a-kind entertainment of Las Vegas while fully immersing yourself in the RV industry! 

The Latest and Greatest Developments in the RV Industry 

As you walk the halls of the convention center, you’ll be surrounded by some of the latest and greatest innovations of the RV industry. Top companies from every sector of the industry will be sharing their latest products and services. Whether you’re exploring the offerings of manufacturers, checking out countless RV additions or upgrades, or simply wanting to learn more, the Exhibit Hall has something for everyone.    

Furthermore, there will be a variety of seminars and workshops taking place throughout the event. Dealership Education Sessions will be the perfect place for continuing education and in-person networking. The top personnel from dealerships around the nation will gather to discuss expert operations strategies and partake in informative workshops. Industry experts and thought leaders will share their thoughts on technology, growth, the future of the RV industry, and more! 

Hemlock RV Dealorship

A key part of the Dealership Education Sessions includes the half-day RVDA Leadership Roundtable Course for dealers. For $124, leaders from RV dealerships can register for this interactive session to grow their leadership skills. Taught by David Spader, his 3 Pathways to Achieve Leadership Potential will take your dealership to the next level! 

Additionally, Vendor Training +Plus Sessions will allow RV dealers to partake in exhibitor-led workshops. These workshops will provide dealer managers with the opportunity to learn about the latest products and services available. In turn, providing innovative solutions that can grow their business. From adding the latest technology upgrades to learning about best practices, RV dealers can work directly with other industry organizations.  

Dragonfly Energy Features Their Latest Innovations at RVDA 

During the show on Thursday, Dragonfly Energy’s OEM Product Manager, Josh Miller, will be hosting a Vendor Training +Plus Session. Josh will be discussing the Advantages & Breakdown of Lithium Power Systems. This is for dealers interested in making the switch to game-changing and reliable power. Additionally, Josh will be discussing how this simple switch can make a world of difference for RVers. Attendees will leave the session with a basic understanding of solar power and lithium battery technology. Can’t make the session or want more information? Stop by the Dragonfly Energy booth #800 on the main floor of the Exhibit Hall! 

 Dragonfly Energy’s OEM Product Manager, Josh Miller

Regardless of what sector of the RV industry your business resides in, you don’t want to miss the RVDA convention. Stay up to date on the latest technological advancements and current trends to keep your dealership performing at its best. Register for the event through the RVDA website, or become a member first and enjoy a discount on registration, among many other benefits.  


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