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What to Expect at the 2023 Annapolis Sailboat Show

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Every year, the Annapolis Sailboat Show draws avid sailors from around the world to experience the latest in sailing technology. This show offers something for everyone from brand-new sailboats, newly released products and accessories, and one-of-a-kind services. Head over to the historic waters of the Chesapeake Bay and experience the magic of sailing culture!

Annapolis, Maryland: The Sailing Capital of the United States

Annapolis sign at the US sailboat show in Annapolis, MD

On the shores of the historic waters of Chesapeake Bay, Maryland’s capital city of Annapolis sits in the midst of rich maritime culture. Since the 1700s, this portside city has been teeming with beautiful brick architecture and the calling of the sea. This seafaring spirit from the 18th century lives on as sailboats drift along the waters of the bay, propelled by driving wind. From recreational sailors to the prestigious United States Naval Academy, Annapolis is a mecca for all things sailing.

As sailors from all over the nation and the world flock to Annapolis to experience world-class sailing, they began gathering, and the Annapolis Sailboat Show was born. At its debut in 1970, it became the first in-water sailboat show in the country. This comprehensive experience became well-revered, and many looked to the Annapolis Sailboat Show for the latest and greatest in sailing technology.

Sailboats at the US Sailboat show in Annapolis, MD

Every October, seasoned and novice sailors from around the globe gather at Annapolis’ City Dock, in the heart of downtown, to experience the magic of maritime culture. This year, from October 12 – 15, this highly anticipated show will be taking place again. Attendees can expect four full days of engaging with experts from all parts of the industry and exploring incredible sailboats. From people just wanting to learn more to those in the market trying to purchase a sailboat, this show is the perfect opportunity to dive in.

What is the Annapolis Sailboat Show?

The Annapolis Sailboat Show is an all-encompassing look into the world of sailing. Lining the docks of Chesapeake Bay are tents full of exhibits showcasing products, seminars, and other educational materials. Whether you want to explore high-tech sailboats, learn from the best, or meet some of your favorite sailing content creators, this show has something for everyone!

“This annual celebration of sailing features floating docks lined with sailboats from manufacturers around the world. Multihulls, monohulls, cruisers, racers, sailing dinghies and more. Show tents line the shore, stocked with the latest in nautical gear and accessories, electronics, communication equipment, sails, rigging, education, charter companies, clubs, and more.”

Attending the Annapolis Sailboat Show is as easy as purchasing a ticket through their website, and everyone is welcome. For preview day on Thursday, October 12, a separate $50 ticket can be purchased for admission. This is perfect for those wanting early access or a less crowded experience. From October 13-15, general admission tickets can be purchased in advance for $25 with reduced prices for children and military personnel on Sunday. A limited number of general admission tickets will also be available at the gate for $30.

The docks of the Annapolis Sailboat Show
The docks of the Annapolis Sailboat Show

If you’re interested in taking your time at the Annapolis Sailboat Show to the next level, you can purchase the “VIP Experience for $250 per day for those 21 years of age and older. This experience includes access to a special lounge for bottomless beverages and divine catering. Each day offers a different type of cuisine with a full bar, morning pastries, and coffee.

Why do Sailors from Around the World Attend the Annapolis Sailboat Show?

“There is little doubt as to why the Annapolis Sailboat Show is chosen by international manufacturers for unveiling their new models, product innovations, and corporate sales programs. Grab your family, head out the door to downtown Annapolis, and soak in the boating lifestyle. Catch up with old boating friends and make new ones as you walk the docks.”

With nearly 200 boats on display, scattered throughout the docks, you will surely find one that suits your fancy. Some of these sailboats will be making their first appearance in North America, and you don’t want to miss the chance to be some of the first to get to stand aboard. Whether you want to shop for a brand-new boat, chat with charter companies about booking your upcoming vacation, or simply learn from some of the best sailing professionals in the world, the docks of Annapolis provide just that.

As a piece of this incredible boat display, there will be “over 50 multihulls by 25 different manufacturers from around the world.” This will be the largest display of Multihulls anywhere in the world. From luxury catamarans to proas, trimarans, and more, these beautiful boats are a dream for any sailor. Come explore these sailboats that are perfect for charters, extended vacations, or just cruising around the bay.

The Pride of Baltimore II sailing on the water
The Pride of Baltimore II

One of the most striking boats on display at the show will be the Pride of Baltimore II. This majestic vessel is a “reproduction of a War of 1812-era privateer.” Run by “a non-profit maritime organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing the living history of the Chesapeake Bay, they provide education in the traditional practices of seamanship and nautical craft via hands-on exploration.” While attending the show, you will have an opportunity to step aboard this gorgeous wooden boat.

Encounter the Latest in Sailing Technology

In addition to all of the jaw-dropping boats on display, the Annapolis Boat Show features the latest and greatest in sailing technology. Hundreds of exhibitors will be showcasing their newest products and services. Walking along the docks from tent to tent, you will encounter anything and everything you could possibly need while sailing.

Battle Born Batteries booth at the Annapolis Sailboat Show

The Battle Born Batteries booth will be in Tents A11 and A13 all weekend long. Stop by for a chance to chat with a technical specialist about configuring the perfect electrical system for your sailboat. Whether you’re just getting started or revamping an older system, we would love to help you get more reliable power on the water. We will also display our newest laying of Dragonfly IntelLigence products designed to give you the safest, most high-tech experience on the water.

A major highlight of the Annapolis Sailboat Show for all attendees is the Cruisers Creating Content Booth. This booth “will host a rotating schedule of cruisers who share their adventures through video. Stop in and hear their stories, snap your photo with them, and meet other like-minded sailors.” Join some of your favorite YouTubers, including Calico Skies Sailing, David Shih Sails, Onboard Lifestyle, Sailing Dauntless, Sailing Parlay Revival, Sailing Yaba, Spear it Animal, and so many more!

Battle Born Batteries booth at the Annapolis Sailboat Show
Battle Born Batteries booth at the Annapolis Sailboat Show

Finally, learn from industry experts to take advantage of some incredible Educational Opportunities. “For new sailors and old salts alike, the spring sailboat show delivers exciting educational opportunities. Don’t miss out on Cruisers University, First Sail Workshop, and free seminars on sailing presented by Chesapeake Bay.”

Join Us at the 2023 Annapolis Sailboat Show!

Whether you’re planning on packing all of the fun into one day or experiencing the magic of the full weekend, we would love to see you at the Annapolis sailboat show! Come explore world-class sailboats, engage with industry experts, and meet some of your favorite content creators. Also, don’t forget to stop by the Battle Born Booth for an up-close look at our latest Dragonfly IntelLigence technology! Buy your tickets now through the Annapolis Sailboat Show website, and don’t forget to check them out on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates!

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