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The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Lithium Batteries for Bass Boats & Trolling Motor Applications

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Are you ready to upgrade the power system on your bass boat but aren’t sure where to start? The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Lithium Batteries for Bass Boats & Trolling Motor Applications, hosted by professional angler Miles Burghoff, walks through each step of the process and answers key questions. Learn what it takes to upgrade your bass boat or trolling motor with Battle Born Batteries and get back to enjoying your time on the water.  

Upgrading the Power System in a Bass Boat 

Angler using a trolling motor at sunset

Traditional marine lead-acid deep-cycle batteries have long been the choice of fishing enthusiasts for trolling motor power, but this antiquated technology has left many wanting more. Lithium alternatives offer desirable advantages for long-lasting, reliable, and lightweight power on the water.  

Before upgrading your power system, our Ultimate FAQ Guide to Lithium Batteries for Bass Boats & Trolling Motor Applications will give you all the insights you need to upgrade your bass boat’s power system to Battle Born Lithium-Ion Batteries and extend your time out on the water!  

Professional angler Miles Burghoff walks through everything you need to know about making the switch from traditional lead-acid batteries to lithium, which is sure to make any power issues you’ve had in the past obsolete. 

How Does My Bass Boat Power System Work? 

Before you dive into powering your bass boat and upgrading your batteries, it’s essential to know how the power system works. Rather than having a single battery bank that powers everything, it’s most efficiently powered when split into three separate systems: 

  • Starting/Cranking Battery: This battery starts your engine and keeps your bass boat running. Lead-acid batteries are great for this application as they can produce large amounts of power for a very short period of time, thus giving them cranking ability.  
  • Auxiliary Battery: This battery powers all the electronics in your bass boat, including the pumps, lights, radio, and more. 
  • Trolling Motor Battery Bank: A separate power system specifically runs your 12V, 24V, or 36V trolling motor. Depending on the voltage of your trolling motor, you will need one, two, or three 12V deep-cycle batteries rigged together in series.  

Can I Use Battle Born Batteries to Crank My Bass Boat Engine? 

Although Battle Born Batteries are the perfect solution for powering your trolling motor, they should not be used to crank your bass boat engine. Both engine manufacturers and Battle Born Batteries do not recommend this, and using your battery for this application could void your battery’s warranty and the warranty of your boat engine.  

Can Battle Born Batteries Be Used in My Bass Boat? 

While Battle Born Batteries shouldn’t be used for starting your engine, they are ideal for trolling motor systems and auxiliary power in bass boats. Although you’ll want to keep a lead acid battery for starting the engine on the bass boat, your trolling motor system could probably use an upgrade. With five times faster charging, half the weight, and a ten times longer lifespan than traditional lead acid batteries, Battle Born LiFePO4 batteries are perfect for this application. 

What Amp Hour Rating Should I Choose for My Bass Boat? 

Once you’re ready to upgrade, you need to determine the amp-hour rating of your trolling motor batteries. Amp hour rating is directly related to how long your batteries are going to last throughout the day. If you’re generally fishing on small, stagnant ponds that don’t have a lot of vegetation, current, or wind current a smaller amp hour rating is fine. A LiFePO4 deep cycle 50Ah or 75Ah battery will work in this situation.  

On the other hand, tournament fisherman and those spending most of their time on larger bodies of water will need a larger amp-hour rating. To take on large bodies of water with high current, high wind, and lots of vegetation, a LiFePO4 deep-cycle 100Ah battery will allow you to stay out on the water all day without worrying about running out of power.  

How Long Will My Battle Born Batteries Last? 

While out on the water searching for bass, having a reliable, the last thing a fisherman wants is to end up with a dead battery. It’s essential that the batteries you choose for your trolling motor are reliable and powerful enough to last for a full day on the water.  

With Battle Born Batteries, their ability to last for day-to-day use before needing to be discharged will depend heavily on the amp hour rating and the conditions you’re fishing in. Professional fishermen like Miles Burghoff count on their Battle Born Batteries to keep them out on the water all day long. Even running his batteries as hard as possible in the toughest tournament conditions, Miles has never run out of power during a fishing day.  

As far as their lifetime, Battle Born Batteries are guaranteed to last at least 10 years, backed by an incredible warranty. With the ability to last between 3,000 and 5,000 cycles, Battle Born Batteries will power your days on the water for years to come.  

trolling motor powered by Battle Born Batteries

Are Battle Born Batteries a Reliable On-the-Water Power Solution? 

While the many benefits of switching their trolling motor power to lithium batteries are enticing for fishermen, the up-front price difference can be deterring. When comparing introductory prices alone, Battle Born Batteries are more expensive than a traditional lead acid battery.  

However, when you compare the lifetime cost of traditional lead acid batteries, Battle Born Batteries offer cost savings over their lifetime. With the ability to last for over 10 years and between 3,000 to 5,000 cycles, they will last two to three times as long as lead acid batteries. This long lifetime, coupled with their extreme durability and low maintenance, makes Battle Born Batteries a reliable on-the-water power solution.  

angler casting a line

How Many Battle Born Batteries Do I Need in My Bass Boat? 

The number of Battle Born Batteries you need in your bass boat will depend on the size of your trolling motor system. For a 12V system, a single, 100Ah Battle Born Battery will do the trick. A 24V trolling motor will require two 100Ah batteries wired together in series, to enable the system to run on 24V. Similarly, a 36V trolling motor requires three 100Ah batteries wired together in series to create a 36V system.  

How Do I Charge My Battle Born Batteries in a Bass Boat? 

To keep your bass boat batteries functioning properly, you’ll want to ensure you can quickly and efficiently recharge them. Whether you’re recharging with shore power or solar power, it’s vital to use a charging cable that allows the maximum amount of power to flow into your batteries. Using the largest gauge wire or extension cord you can find will help you to efficiently recharge your batteries 

Additionally, you need to check that your charger is compatible with lithium batteries. Although most chargers offer the proper settings, we recommend consulting with your battery manual or a Battle Born technical specialist to ensure your batteries can be fully recharged.  

How Do I Install My Battle Born Batteries in a Bass Boat? 

Although upgrading your bass boat’s electrical system can seem daunting, Battle Born Batteries have been designed to make the installation process as easy as possible. With the same form factor as group 27 or group 31 lead-acid batteries, Battle Born Batteries offer a quick and easy drop-in replacement, ensuring you’ll be back on the water in no time! 

However, if you prefer the piece of mind of leaving your lithium battery installation to the professionals, we can help with that too! Our list of certified dealers and installers has been vetted to provide the highest level of expertise and service to install the perfect system for your bass boat quickly.  

trolling motor powered by Battle Born Batteries

Series vs. Parallel Connections When Powering a Bass Boat 

Before wiring in your new Battle Born Batteries, you’ll want to ensure they are properly wired together. For some applications, wiring in parallel is best when you’re looking to increase your amperage and how long you can run your batteries. Three 12V 100Ah Battle Born Batteries wired together in parallel will create a 12V 300Ah system. This is great for a wide range of applications that power 12V systems. 

When it comes to bass boat systems, specifically for trolling motors, many require a higher voltage. To power a standard 36V trolling motor, you will need three 12V 100Ah Battle Born Batteries wired together in series. This will create a 36V 100Ah system that can power your 36V trolling motor.  

Can I Run Fishing Electronics with Battle Born Batteries? 

In addition to powering your trolling motor with Battle Born Batteries, you can also power your fishing electronics with lithium batteries. As long as you have an isolated system, that is a separate battery or battery bank, designated for your electronics, your fish finder, radio, pumps, and other necessary items can also be powered by Battle Born Batteries.  

Angler catching a fish

What Makes Battle Born a Reliable Choice for Long Fishing Trips? 

Offering a 100% depth of discharge and two to three times the power of a traditional lead acid battery, Battle Born Batteries will keep you out on the water much longer. With a more consistent power curve, you’ll have the same amount of power at the end of the fishing day as you do when you first get on the water. This power allows you to spend multiple days at a time out on the water, even without recharging in between, without worrying about running out of power.  

How Will Battle Born Batteries Improve My Time Out on the Watter? 

No matter how long your days out on the water are or how much wind, current, and vegetation you’re fighting through, you can rest assured that your Battle Born Batteries will deliver consistent, long-lasting power time and time again. When lead acids just aren’t cutting it anymore, upgrade to the reliable power of Battle Born and spend more time on the water and less time worrying about your power.  

Ready to improve your time on the water with Battle Born Batteries? Check out our trolling motor power systems today and find the one that is perfect for you. The full Trolling Motor and Bass Boat 101 series with Miles Burghoff is available on our YouTube channel with helpful tips and tricks for upgrading your bass boat power. For help sizing or installing your new system, our team of technical specialists would love to lend a hand. You can reach them by phone at (855) 292-2831 or by email at [email protected]. Don’t forget to check out all of the incredible things Battle Born Batteries are powering on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube! 

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