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Steven Lewis Powers “The DeathStaRV” with LiFePO4

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Battle Born Batteries brings you the most reliable and long-lasting power on the market. We are proud to work with local partners like Steven Lewis and provide the power for his adventures. We didn’t have to go far to check in on the DeathStaRV and the remarkably powerful setup that Steven and our team worked so hard to craft together. 

Meet Steven Lewis

Steven Lewis works as a site coordinator for dams and hydraulic structures all over the West Coast. He wears many hats as a site coordinator, construction inspector, a rope access technician, and an FAA drone pilot! Steven is also co-host of MTB Podcast, which touches on all things mountain biking. As an endurance racer and professional mechanic, Steven shares his technical and mechanical expertise on the podcast.

Steven Lewis smiling at his laptop near a window

Tired of always traveling between home and work (and finding someone to watch his dogs), he finally said enough is enough. Having heard of the RV lifestyle and its freedom before, Steven decided to give it a shot. He moved out of a house and into an RV along with his pups and discovered that “home is where you want it to be.”

With that realization, Steven knew now that his options for work – and play – were endless. He just needed the right rig and the power to get out there.

He started out this journey with two lead acid batteries in his coach. They never gave him enough power and forced him to use the noisy generator. Steven knew there had to be a way to get the power he needed without all the unnecessary headaches of lead acid batteries.

Ultimate Power Supply with LiFePO4

Because of the nature of his work as a dam technician, Steven needed “enough watt-hour capacity to run indefinitely.” The ability to work and edit and then pack up and be on the move at a moment’s notice was key. He continued, “if there’s a storm, if there’s no solar coming in, I needed to be able to run 5-6 days without having to worry about it.”

Steven Lewis' Battle Born Batteries setup

According to Steven, the goal to “be off-grid and still be able to live and work out of my RV was really critical.” Keeping all of this in mind, Steven began the hunt for better – and more reliable – options.

As a fifth-generation Nevadan, it was important to Steven to go with Battle Born Batteries, as we design and assemble the batteries right here in Nevada.  For Steven, “lithium ion was a no-brainer from the beginning.”

After much planning and configuring, Steven’s rig is now complete with fourteen Battle Born Batteries. Yes, you read that right, fourteen batteries! That means a capacity of about 17000 Watt hours.

His upgraded rig, lovingly nicknamed “The DeathStaRV” is the ultimate powerhouse. He posts about the DeathStaRV on his Five Star Nomadic Instagram. Even the license plate reads DTHSTRV! The rig consists of a 2020 Momentum 376TH pulled by a 2019 GMC Sierra Denali HD. Steven is able to power a fireplace, television, and electricity throughout the entire RV and more!

Steven Lewis' 2020 Momentum 376TH with solar panels on topHis roof is outfitted with solar panels to supply the extra power in when possible. The extraordinary solar setup totals 2,835 watts! To round out his jaw-dropping system, Steven also has a 5500 Watt Onan with an auto-transformer as yet another fail safe.

With lithium, the switch was easy.

Now, Steven is off-grid and boondocking and still able to work out of his RV and run it at full power.

Follow along on Steven’s journey on his Instagram and Five Star Nomadic’s Instagram as well.

2020 Momentum 376TH with snowy mountains in the back

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