Adam James is one of our most dedicated Battle Born Customers. He uses his Battle Born 12 v lithium ion battery in a single person kayak, powered by a 50 lb thrust trolling motor.  He believes that switching from lead acid to his 100-amp lithium battery was one of the best decisions he has made for his kayak experience. A usual marine AGM lead acid battery weights up to 70 lbs, with a Battle Born Battery only weighing around 31 pounds. This weight difference is essential to such a small rig. Switching to a Battle Born lithium, deep cycle, 100-amp 12 V battery created peace of mind for James. Being out on the water with LiFePO4 means staying out longer, so you can do more of what you love.

Who is Adam James?

Adam James is a man filled with qualities that not many have: humility and heart. He is a YouTuber and kayak bass fishermen from Tennessee who loves fishing because it saved his life. Battling demons from his past, he found a new-found hope through fishing. This hope came from a little luck, and opportunities like Battle Born Batteries has given him. Adam quoted, “I never really felt the love of god until I experienced ‘Me, God, & the Fish.’ I can’t really explain what happens when I’m on the water, but I can tell you that every time I go out it’s like I reconnect with the God that saved my life all over again.”

Helping others through YouTube

Adam spent a few years trying to watch tutorials on how to gain knowledge and skills to become a better fisherman. He later found out much of the information he was seeking was not readily available. So, instead of figuring it out on his own, he began to document his experiences out on the water. In turn, he created his own YouTube channel called Small Town Bassin’ to help the fishing community break down the wall of uncertainty. Adam began to share information on things he wanted to learn about with his subscribers. Some of these videos range from creations he makes on his 3-D printer to a review of his kayak titled, “2017 old town predator 13 fishing kayak with 50lb thrust trolling motor.” Adam also aimed for average people like him to be able to hear his unique perspective on the sport of kayak fishing through all his stories and memories.

Small Town Bassin' Powered by Battle Born 12v Lithium Ion Battery

Constantly trying to improve, he remembers to stay positive and humble. Adam commented, “Learning new techniques is every fisherman’s goal at the end of the day but it’s also learning how to apply those new skills when it counts that matters. I would also like to connect more people to my style of kayak fishing. MOTORIZED!”

Recent Beginnings

Adam started kayak fishing three years ago after going to Walmart one evening with his wife, Rachel. On a whim, they bought two kayaks on sale to go fishing. Adam eventually added a small trolling motor to his Ascend FS12T sit-on-top kayak with a standard marine AGM lead-acid battery so it would be easier to stay out on the lake all day. Regardless, he said that his lead acid was at a loss of capacity. Not only that, but it was overweight, had less power, took a long time to charge, and was overall cumbersome to use the way he intended.

Kayak fishing had always just been a hobby, but it wasn’t until he met another kayak fisherman on Kentucky Lake that he gained information on competitive kayak fishing. Through the conversation he found out that Kentucky Lake was one of the biggest hubs of championship kayak fishing in the world.

With the support from his wife, Adam started to compete in small tournaments in the state-wide club. His YouTube career was also on a steady path towards success, reaching around 500 subscribers. Last year, Adam qualified for the Tennessee State championship and KBF National Championship after completing with the KBF National Club. But, after unforeseen events Adam could not make it to the state championship.



The National Championship was held on his favorite fishing place, Kentucky Lake. In this championship he placed 274th out of over 700 participants. To watch his full video on his thoughts after the event and what he hopes to improve on, click here.

Adam loves being part of the YouTube and kayak fishing community, even while working regularly as an electrical controls maintenance and environmental assistant. In the future, he hopes to be ramping up his YouTube more by introducing ‘Tech Tuesdays,’ where he goes over tutorials and reviews of different types of technology related to fishing.

Why Lithium Ion Batteries

Adam has been one of the most dedicated Battle Born Battery customers that we’ve had. Instead of trying to convince you ourselves, here is what he says:

“Battle Born has changed my life on the water! These batteries are the polar opposite of lead acid! Not only can I fish as long as I want worry-free, but I know that as a consumer of their product they have my back because they believe in the product that they sell. I chose Battle Born because of a promise the salesman made to me. I was so worried about spending that much on a battery. He told me that if I invest in a Battle Born Battery, for any reason under the sun if I decided I didn’t like it or simply couldn’t really afford it, he would buy it back from me at full price, and I believed him! That word he used, ‘invest,’ is exactly how I view these batteries today, [even] after a year and a half of running them. Buying a Battle Born Battery isn’t a purchase. It’s an investment and a hassle-free way of providing reliable power where you need it and when you need it.”

The Set up

  • Johnson 2017 Old Town Predator 13 fishing kayak with a 50 lb thrust trolling motor
  • BB10012’s 100 Ah Battle Born Battery  
  • Wilderness System Krate
  • Hummingbird helex 10/2 hd side scan (SI) (Johnson)


We would like the thank Adam for being such an amazing customer, and friend to us a Battle Born Batteries. He is now on track to compete in the national level and traveling across the nation. To support or follow Adam go over to his YouTube channel and subscribe! As well as check out his recent post, here.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits, have questions, or like to inquire more information you can email us at [email protected] or at give us a call at (855) 292-2831.

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