Victron BMV-700 LiFePO4 Battery Monitor


The Victron BMV-700 LiFePO4 Battery Monitor is our newest high precision battery monitor. It also displays Volts and Amps, time to go, and Consumed Energy and keeps track of Historic Data. This includes Battery Efficiency, Average Discharge, Deepest Discharge, Number of Cycles, Over-voltage, and Under voltage Alarms.

  • Monitors volts, amps, amp hours and time to go for a single battery bank.
  • Included shunt measures up to 500 Amps
  • For use with DC systems from 12 to 90 volts
  • Visual and audible alarms and programmable alarm
  • 10 metre cable, connectors and fuse included.
  • Removeable bezel allows round or square face for display


New Features and Add-ons


Simpler setup

By changing the way the buttons and menu works, operation is now easier.

Improved Information

  • Improved LCD Read-Out
  • Simpler Operation and Setup
  • Retention of History Data
  • SOC Indicator Bar
  • Calculates Watts
  • Computes kWh Charged and Discharged
  • VE.Direct Communications Port
  • Relay Invert Function


Connect your Smart Phone

Now you can even connect your Smart Phone to the BMV-700 LiFePO4 Battery Monitor to view BMV or MPPT information on iOS and Android devices with the help of the Bluetooth Smart dongle and application (not included).



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