Victron BMV-702 LiFePO4 Battery Monitor



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The BMV-702 LiFePO4 battery monitor is highly accurate, incredibly easy to install, and very reasonably priced. The BMV-702 monitors multiple parameters for one battery bank via a 500 amp shunt. In addition, it will read midpoint voltage from a multi-battery bank, or the voltage of a second bank, usually the starting battery.

Installation is a breeze. The monitor display comes with both a round and square bezel and fits a 52mm (2-1/16″) hole. The shunt attaches between the battery and the ground connections, and a provided network cable connects the two.

An improved menu makes navigating the display easy. Displays includes battery voltage, real-time current, consumed amp-hours, state of charge, time to go, and with the second connection, either a battery #2 voltage or midpoint deviation of the main bank. There are also user-programmable alarms.

Now you can even connect your Smart Phone to the BMV-702 LiFePO4 Battery Monitor to view BMV or MPPT information on iOS and Android devices with the help of the Bluetooth Smart dongle and application (not included).

Weight: 3 lb
Dimensions: 2.6 X 2.6 in.

Tested and approved for use with Battle Born Batteries.


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