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Setting Up a Trimetric Battery Monitor with Battle Born Batteries

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When used in combination with Bogart Engineering Solar Charger, the Trimetric TM-2030 Battery Monitor allows the user to precisely alter the charging parameters used on the Battle Born Batteries.

Here is how to set up a Trimetric TM-2030 battery monitor and Bogart Engineering solar charge controller to operate with Battle Born Batteries:

1. Press and hold Select until P1 appears.

2. At the same time, briefly press Select and Reset and then let go. A green light on the unit will flash, signifying that you are in Change Mode. Press Reset to change P1’s value to 14.4. Press Select to exit Change Mode. This same process will be used to adjust each of the following parameters.

3. Press Select to move to P2. As in step 2, change P2’s value to 2. Press Select to exit Change Mode.

4. Change P3’s value to the capacity of your Battle Born Battery bank size and Change P10 to 98.

Here are the values mentioned above that the charge controller needs to be set to:

P1: 14.4

P2: 2

P3: Change this number to match the size of your Battle Born Battery bank’s capacity. For example, if you are only using one battery, P3 would be set to 100 because you have a 100 Ah capacity.

P10: 98


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10 thoughts on “Setting Up a Trimetric Battery Monitor with Battle Born Batteries

  1. I want to thank you all for your support and expertise and mostly for your patience with me. This information on your blog, along with all your support, is outstanding and very rare to find this level of Customer Support anywhere. I love the batteries I purchased from you and look forward to visiting your company in NV. I will recommend your company to everyone I meet on the road. God Bless Retired Service member Larry Norby

  2. With mine it kept bouncing all over the place the voltage even though I had set it to the specs you gave ..then I changed the lead or AGM to agm on the controller and it all stabilized..I’m assuming that is where it is supposed to be but want to double check for a lithium 100 amp on the bogart controller and battery monitor

    1. Hi Federico, if you haven’t already, please give our technical sales team a call at 855-292-2831 and they will be able to assist with any troubleshooting issues you may face.

      1. Just saw your response…Thanks will call in am..I’m having to reset the battery/ solar cut offs every morning then they will charge, not sure what the issue is. 🙂

  3. I have 8 100ah battleborn batteries connected in series for 24 volt system. How do I set the Trimetric for 24 V? Is the capacity setting 800 ah or 400 ah? Thanks.

    1. Hi Suzanne. For a 24V system, you would multiply the settings by 2. For example when it asks you for the charge voltage, you would put 28.8. Your capacity would still be 400Ah.

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