How to Set Up a TriStar PWM Charge Controller to be used with a LiFePO4 Battle Born Batteries

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Setting up your Tristar PWM controller to work with Battle Born Batteries is a cinch!

Just follow the steps outlined below.


Step 1:

Remove the access cover. This is the front cover on the unit that is held in with four screws.


Step 2:

Adjust the first three DIP switches.

The first three DIP switches are related to the system voltage. Use the Table 1 below to configure the first three DIP switches. We do not recommend that you use the “Auto” setting because variations in battery charge levels and connected loads can cause unwanted errors.


Table 1: System Voltage


Step 3: 

Set the remaining DIP switches to the following:

4: OFF
5: ON
6: OFF

7: OFF

8: ON


Note: Do not connect the RTS cable and never set the unit into equalization mode.

Before continuing to Step 4, disconnect the positive and negative wires.

Step 4:

Remove your solar cables from the charge controller. Careful, these are live wires and could weld themselves to another metallic object if it comes in contact.

Step 5:

Remove your cables that connect the controller to your Battle Born Batteries.

Step 6:

Allow your controller 15-20 seconds to re-calibrate to your updated settings.

Step 7:

Reconnect your battery cables

Step 8: 

Reconnect your solar cables to the charge controller. Your solar controller has now been configured for BBB’s.



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  • John Middleton | Feb 9, 2019 at 4:47 am

    These Dip switch settings will cause the TriStar to hold the absorption voltage (14.3V) for 150 minutes.
    The manual states absortion time should be 20min. For each battery in parrallel, so this is way too long according to the manual unless you have 7 batteries in parrallel.

    Are the Custom settings really lost on the TriStar when the power is removed ?

    • Dianne F | Feb 18, 2019 at 8:05 pm

      Hi John,

      The absorption time being held for a longer period than recommended is not critical for properly charging the batteries. As long as each battery in your bank is held for 20-30 minutes at least a couple times a month, you will have batteries that are internally balanced and fully charged.

      We would have to check with TriStar in order to verify that the settings are lost each time the power is removed.

      Thank you,

  • john Middleton | Feb 23, 2019 at 4:44 am

    I have a large solar array.
    Every sunny day my batteries will be at the absorption voltage for 150 minutes with the settings you reccomend, not just a couple of times a month, it could be every day of the month.

    Is that OK ?

    I am able to program a custom setting if that would be better.

  • John Middleton | Feb 23, 2019 at 4:54 am

    Your manual says that the absorption stage should be 20 minutes for each battery in parrallel.

    That seems to say 20 minutes times the number of batteries in parrallel.
    That makes no sense to me ? Why would the number of batteries in parrallel make any difference ?
    Was that intended to be batteries in SERIAL ?

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