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RV Women’s Alliance Powers Their Drab to Fab Build with Battle Born Batteries

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Enter to win a newly refurbished, absolutely fab 2007 Crossroads Zinger!

About the RV Women’s Alliance:

The RV Women’s Alliance is holding its Drab to Fab Project sweepstakes. The project intended to unite industry leaders and members in building this project, while getting them out of their comfort zone. The group’s mission is to introduce more women into the RV space, courtesy of the RV Women’s Alliance, and proceeds from the sweepstakes will go towards programs to further unite, develop, recruit, and inspire women to get into the recreational vehicle industry.  More than 80 volunteers tackled electrical, design, and plumbing from the ground up on the Crossroads Zinger RV.

The sweepstakes runs until Aug. 23 and the winner is drawn on Aug. 27. The finished RV is valued at $20,000. Currently, with more than 8,000 entries, the proceeds will go towards programs to further RVWA’s goals to unite, inspire, recruit, and develop a more diverse workforce to support women with education, resources, and opportunities.

“When we started the Drab to Fab project, our goal was to unite our membership and industry around a shared goal, inspire women to get out of their comfort zone and literally break down walls, recruit new women into the RV industry, and develop new skills in project volunteers,” said Susan Carpenter, President of the RV Women’s Alliance. “We were able to not only accomplish this goal but also have a ton of fun along the way.”

Along with the great opportunity to network with other talented women, the project exceeded the expectations of its participants. Our company sponsored the electrical portion of the build by providing 2 100Ah 12V BB10012 Battle Born Batteries. The install went smoothly and we’re glad that our products are powering this build!

“We also have amazing sponsors, one being Battle Born Batteries,” said Susan. “We chose to work with them as a sponsor because of their reputation in the industry for great products. They installed two in the unit, one for the solar panels and the other as the main battery. They’re top-notch and hold an incredible charge.”

A group of women participating in an RV renovation.

The RV Women’s Alliance revealed the project at the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana. These women spent ten months renovating and upgrading the rig with industry-leading products. The RV will put you in the lap of luxury with heated floors, skylights, and lithium batteries added to the RV, these upgrades have vastly improved the rig’s capabilities to get out there and stay out there.

The group is considering a similar project in the future and is planning on what that would look like next. Currently, they offer in-person networking events and educational workshop opportunities. To learn more about how you can get involved in the RVWA and its mission, check out its website and Instagram.

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