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Pro angler and mentor Rick Clunn is still competing and adding even more accomplishments to his already legendary career. The well-known bass fisher helped to shape the sport that brings in passionate people from all over the world. With our LiFePO4 technology powering his fishing rig and truck camper, Rick has been unstoppable on the water, wherever he competes. Our team recently was able to catch up with Rick and learn more about him on his property in one of the most remote parts of Missouri.

About Rick Clunn:

While Rick Clunn has achieved success in the world of bass fishing, he continually looks for peace and passion in his everyday life.

Growing up in the heart of Texas, Rick felt a strong connection to the world around him, but it was strongest when he was on the water fishing. It was his truest passion and his way of connecting with nature. His bass fishing hero was his father, Holmes, and because of his support, Rick spent 28 consecutive years qualifying for the Bassmaster Classic World Championship.

Rick Clunn fishing off of his bass boat

As a member of the “Century Club”, Rick caught 100 pounds of bass at a single event, while also becoming the first angler to win a million dollars in competitive bass fishing prize money. He’s also the titleholder of the Bassmaster Classic World Championship all-time catch record, was voted all-time greatest bass angler in the ESPN fan vote, and the oldest angler to win a major Elite level event.

Known for his unorthodox tactics, Rick was often seen sleeping in his boat overnight at events and had a list of other rituals to get a closer connection to the fish. Everything he did was for a reason and it paid off. While it wasn’t always the easiest journey, Rick had seen those moments where star athletes had similar experiences as they touched perfection. When he fished, he felt that moment. “There’s nothing like it,” the accomplished angler said. During his career, Rick has fished in over 450 tournaments and has won four coveted Bassmaster titles.


Rick Clunn holding up a large mouth bass that he caught

Lithium and the Art of Fishing:

One way Rick’s been able to improve upon his fishing strategy is by implementing the new and innovative technology available to anglers – lithium batteries.

“In my early days, I had two batteries. I’d launch my boat in the morning and use the other battery out of my truck. If you had a long day and ran your batteries down to get back to the boat ramp, your truck wouldn’t start,” Rick said.

Rick eventually traded those long, uncomfortable nights in his bass boat for a truck camper so when his supportive wife, Melissa, travels along, she has a comfortable place to sleep.

“It’s a convenience you take for granted,” Rick said.

Battle Born Batteries wired into a boat compartment

In his Nitro Z20 bass boat, Rick has 3 BB10012 100Ah 12V lithium batteries running his 36-volt trolling motor. As for his Arctic Fox truck camper, it’s also powered by two more of our flagship batteries, the BB10012, for the perfect amount of power.

Thanks to our batteries, Rick doesn’t have to rely on his truck battery to top off the power or worry that he’ll be left stranded in the water because of dead or faulty lead-acid batteries.

“I had only one or two years where I didn’t have batteries going dead on me at the end of the year, especially at the last one or two tournaments where you’re usually trying to qualify for the world championship. This year I don’t feel like I even got close to that ‘how long can I run them before they fail me?’ feeling, since I haven’t had them fail me yet,” Rick said.

If you’re looking to supercharge your system so it performs as well as Rick’s, check out our bundles on our online store.

What’s Next For Rick?

Rick wants anglers of all ages to know that while many people seek perfection in all that they do, it’s not always an easy goal for getting things done. He believes in being true to oneself first and foremost, and the key elements that allow you to do that are similar: hard work, commitment, and a willingness to adapt to change. Our team is always ready to cheer him on in every tournament he competes in.

Follow Rick for more updates on his career and family on his Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and read more about Rick at our previous blog post on him here.

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