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Resetting Your Victron Product PIN

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It’s happened to all of us. You’ve tried every four-digit PIN you can think of, and you’re still locked out of your account. Resetting the PIN to a higher security item may be a headache, but resetting your Victron accessories takes just a few minutes.

How to Reset the PIN on a Victron Device

Various Victron accessories in an electrical system

Whether you’re pulling out an older device to use again or can’t remember your PIN, these steps will help you quickly access your Victron device!

Step 1

Open the VictronConnect app and locate the device from the device list for which you want to reset the pin.

VictronConnect app screenshot of the device list

Step 2

Click on the three dots next to the device name and select “Reset PIN code.” This will prompt you to enter your device’s PUK code.

VIctronConnect app screenshot of the PIN resetting process

Step 3

The physical location of the PUK code varies depending on the device:

  • For a BMV-712, the PUK code is located on the back of the circular display.
  • The PUK code is located on the side of the bus, MultiPlus, Orion, and MPPT devices.

Victron deivce barcodes including the PUK code

Step 4

Once located, enter your device’s PUK code in the proper field and then select reset.

Step 5

The pin will be reset to “000000.”This reset code will now give you access to the device.

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