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Progressive Dynamics Battery Chargers

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Applicable Models: PD9130LV, PD9145ALV, PD9160ALV

Progressive Dynamics makes exceptionally well built and dependable chargers. Watch the video for a hands-on guide to setting up a Progressive Dynamics battery charger with Battle Born Batteries!

First, loosen the terminals on the charger and connect the positive wire (usually red) to positive terminal on charger, and tighten terminal. Repeat with negative terminal. It is recommended to connect to the charger first so there are no live wires.

Then connect positive on one end and negative to the other end. Carefully tighten.

Finally, check the voltage coming out of the charger going into the battery (recommended 14.6 V  for a full charge every time).

If anything is unclear or if you have additional questions, please give us a call at (855) 292-2831 or email us at [email protected]. We are happy to help!

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8 thoughts on “Progressive Dynamics Battery Chargers

  1. Are these things supposed to turn off after getting to 14.6 volts and under an amp? Just put one in and it’s just holding at 14.6ish.

    1. Hello Bob,
      Thank you for your question. the battery will not shut off at 14.6v but if the battery is full it will no longer accept a charge. please give us a call if you have any questions

  2. Bob Garbe: I just had a phone call with a PD “customer support” person and an engineer, whom he consulted for the phone call. We came to a possibly unusual conclusion: If you are willing to do a lot of intervention by hand, using the Charge wizard remote control, you can be a bit more “nice” to the battery by running a PD Charger/Converter as a charger for AGM (rather than LiFePo4). “Bulk” Charging will be more slow, at 14.4V rather than 14.6V, but that might improve the lifespan of your LFP battery(s) a little bit.

    The other mode which you might desire to use quite extensively is “Normal Mode” 13.6V, which actual creates a very slow “trickle” charge” into the LFP batteries. A high quality, high capacity current monitor can be inserted along the Battery Charge Wire (from Load Center “+12V” to Battery “+” to monitor your SOC: In “Boost Mode”, if significant current is present, Boost Mode” is the right choice. But, if current is extremely low, then “Normal Mode” is more suitable.

    In Winter, or other long-term-storage, I would not ([personally) use the PD Charger to “maintain” the LFP battery at constant 14.6V. I would disconnect the battery from the RV load center, and use a lower-current “Smart Lithium Charger” to maintain the battery in the house. This provides better charging, and better storage temperatures. LFP batteries are much lighter than SLA, and pretty easy to move around.

  3. I have the Progressive Dynamics PD9245C converter already installed in my RV with the existing AGM battery. The charger compatibility table shows that it is compatible with Battleborns. Eventually, I will get the AIMS 2500 (green) charger converter to go with my Battleborns, but in the meantime, what should I expect when hooking up the PD9245C to the Battleborns? It says it outputs 13.6v, but when I’m running the generator (or connected to shore power) the battery meter shows it charging at 14.4v through the PD9245C. What state of charge should I expect to reach with that charger?

    1. Hi Dave,

      The remote pendant charge wizard should be used with the PD9245c in order to put it into the higher 14.4 volt boost mode. This will ensure that the batteries get a full and complete charge for our batteries. Just make sure that you press the boost button when you are connected to shore/generator power otherwise you will rarely see it get into this higher voltage mode.


  4. We had a lot of questions on our purchase of the 9160A charger. I can’t think Andy (Progressive Dynamics) enough. I have never had a company/person go above and beyond to help a customer like we received with Andy.

    Customer for life…

  5. we have two 100 ah heated battle born battery’s and just bought the PD9160ALV converter. is it just a plug and play hook up, or will we need to add anything more? we are using the factory installed 175 amp Zamp solar with the Zamp ZS10AW controller. is this enough to keep us up for a night or two of off grid camping. our frig is 120 volt or gas, so it will be on gas camping and only micro and tv will be run on our inverter while camping. thank you in advance for your help.

    1. Hi Jeff! Our technical sales team would love to help you configure a system that meets your needs! You can reach them at (855) 292-2831 (M-F 8:00am-4:30pm (PST)).

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