Battle Born is thrilled to provide professional anglers like Matt Shura with LiFePO4 batteries that are reliable and low maintenanceFishing for over 30 years, Matt spends a whopping 250 days a year out on the water! Matt’s passion for professional angling, inspiring young anglers, and record catches is unparalleled. We couldn’t be prouder to call Matt a member of the Battle Born Family! 

Professional Fishing Guide and Tournament Angler Matt Shura 

From catching bluegills in a pond with his dad to becoming one of the top professional anglers in the US, Matt Shura’s story is unique to say the least. The Arizona native participated in his first fishing tournament in high school and was 100% hooked after that (pun fully intended).  

After 25 years of service, Matt retired from the Gilbert Fire Department. He was ready to go fishing! Now, he lives full-time in his RV (boat in tow) and travels from lake to lake for tournaments and guide trips.  

Matt Shura fishing

Matt has had many memorable moments in his pro-fishing career, but two events stick out for him. He caught the state record catch at 19 years old in Arizona. Check out this video from Reel Ventures about Matt’s historic catch! Participating in the California Open is a close second memorable moment. First place was a brand-new boat and $20,000 prize. Matt was able to bag this major pro-am tournament win and will never forget that feeling!  

When it comes to pre-tournament rituals, Matt is rigorous. He states, it’s a process from top to bottom; checking all my equipment, making sure everything from the tires up is ready to go. Matt usually goes up a couple days before a tournament and pre-fishes to get a feel of what the fish are doing. While being prepared is important, starting with the right equipment is key, especially out on the water.  

Lithium Power on Water and Land 

Thanks to Battle Born Batteries and the reliable power of lithium, Matt has been able to get out on the water and stay out there for 3 days in a row without charging. Battery anxiety is a thing of the past for Matt. Now he can get out there and stay out there in his boat, RV, or both – and never have to worry about where his power is coming from. 

 Matt Shura rig

His 2013 25 Winnebago Accent setup consists of:  

His 2020 Nitro Z21 setup consists of: 

Matt created two videos showcasing Battle Born Batteries. In these videos, Matt dives into the specifics of his systems, why he chose Battle Born, and how our batteries help him do what he does best – fish! 

His RV and boat are both wrapped in blue and white and orange, making them hard to miss! He lives in his RV when he is not fishing, so the lithium power never has to end for Matt.  

LiFePO4 power changed traveling and fishing for Matt. Take an inside peek at his RV and system here.  

Now, he can run his microwave and television and make a cup of coffee in his RV without having to turn on the generator!  

Before making the switch to lithium, Matt ran the generator on his boat so much that he started getting noise complaints! Now with his fishing boat running on LiFePO4 too, Matt has the power to do whatever he wants, whether it is on land or sea.  

Mentoring Aspiring Young Anglers 

Finding his passion at a young age led Matt to work with other kids in his community to fall in love with fishing. Matt is a volunteer boat captain for the Phoenix Junior Bassmasters. This gives him the opportunity to get out on the water with two kids at a time and coach them with recommendations in real time 

Matt finds this work extremely rewarding, saying, “it feels great to be a mentor and have an influence on the kids. The kids must catch their own fish, but Matt takes them out on his boat and gives tips and tricks throughout the tournament. This year will be his first time being the tournament director.  

To find out more about Phoenix Junior Bassmaster, follow them on Facebook and Instagram. 

 Matt Shura Tour Guide

Matt believes it is important to coach the younger generations to keep the sport growing. We thank Matt for having an influence on these kids at an important age, and for spreading the joy of fishing out on the water to the next generation and beyond! 

What’s Next? 

Matt’s advice to anyone wanting to get into fishing? It’s quite simple: “Spend as much time on the water as you can and realize you will never quit learning. And just enjoy the great outdoors!” Also, he advises to be realistic about your goals, which is sound advice no matter the industry.  

Matt’s not slowing down any time soon. He is still training, mentoring and competing on the water (and pushing his Battle Born Batteries to the limit!) every chance he gets.  

For more information on the professional angler and licensed Arizona fishing guide, check out his websiteFollow along with Matt Shura on his Facebook and Instagram 

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