Morningstar EIA-485/RS-232 Communications Adapter



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By converting to EIA-485, the RSC-1 allows up to 128 Morningstar products to communicate on the same communication bus and over much greater distances.


  • Allows up to 128 Morningstar products to communicate on the same communications bus and over much greater distances than with RS-232
  • All data is transmitted via MODBUS™ protocol
  • Removable four (4) position EIA-485 terminal
  • 9-pin RS-232 connector (male)
  • Status LED for monitoring and diagnostics
  • Molded tabs for attachment to 35mm standard DIN rail
  • RS-232 ribbon cable (not shown) with low-profile connectors
  • Networking several TriStar and/or TriStar MPPT controllers
  • Adding Morningstar PC Meterbus Adapters (MSC) for use with an RJ-11 port in multi-device networks
  • Adding Morningstar’s Relay Driver (RD-1) to a network
  • Integrating any compatible Morningstar product into an existing EIA-485 network, such as those used by industrial control or SCADA systems
Communications Adapter Manual



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