Lithium Power Pack 6500

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The Battle Born Batteries Lithium Power Pack 6500 is the ultimate generator replacement and all-in-one power solution for RVs, vans, and other mobile, off-grid, and industrial applications. Designed to mimic the dimensions and mounting points of traditional RV generators, the LPP6500 is clean, silent, safe, and offers users seamless installation. Equipped with 540Ah of reliable and trusted LiFePO4 power from (2) 270Ah 12V LiFePO4 Deep Cycle GC3 Battle Born Batteries and Victron Energy charging, distribution, and monitoring components, the LPP6500 is an easy drop-in replacement for an existing generator and allows you to go green with lithium power.

The Lithium Power Pack 6500 is Built to Order, with a Lead Time of 2-4 Weeks from time of purchase.



Please Note:

  • Some product features may vary in appearance. Specs and functionality of LPP6500 will not change.
  • Discounted LPP6500 Flat Rate Shipping of $199 as Part of Special Introductory Pricing 

Warranty Information: All components of the LPP6500 are covered individually by their respective Manufacturer’s Warranty. Dragonfly Energy Corp. will have no liability for third-party products, software, hardware, or services resold or otherwise provided by Dragonfly Energy; provided, however, that to the extent offered by third-party products, software, hardware or services providers and to the extent permitted by law, Dragonfly will pass through express warranties provided by such third parties. Find Warranty Information for components of the LPP6500 HERE.


What’s Inside the LPP6500 All-In-One Power System?

Additional information

Weight 305 lbs
Dimensions 33.38 × 22.49 × 13.91 in
Amp Hour


LPP6500 | Warranty Information



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