GlobalLink 520


Maintain and operate your off-grid energy storage system with clear insight into your installation. The Victron Energy GlobalLink 520 monitoring device brings 4G LTE-M connectivity to all VE.Direct-enabled devices.


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LTE-M (LTE Cat-M1 or Long Term Evolution (4G), category M1) is a cellular technology designed to connect IoT devices to existing 4G towers while using low energy. LTE-M supports handovers and roaming, making it possible to use this device in a moving vehicle like an RV, van, or other mobile application. 4G LTE-M connectivity to VE.Direct-enabled devices is free of monthly fees or subscriptions for the first five years.


System Monitoring & Control
The GlobalLink 520 comes with (2) communication ports, allowing for connection of up to two VE.Direct devices, such as a BMV Battery Monitor and/or a MPPT Solar Charge Controller directly to VRM. (2) digital inputs  also act as pulse counters and a remote controllable relay, making the GlobalLink 520 a perfect solution to monitor and control your installation.

Built-In Antenna
The GlobalLink 520 comes with a built-in antenna that is designed to work around the globe. If you require better reception or want to install your module in a utility van, it is also possible to mount an external antenna.

Victron Remote Management
The online Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal provides you with access to your installation, from anywhere and at any time. In VRM, users are able to check the status of connected products, view detailed history graphs of energy, generate detailed analytical reports, and even configure automatic alarms in the case that something goes wrong.

Additional information

Dimensions 4.84 × 2.64 × 0.91 in
GlobalLink 520 Manual

Check the list in our GlobalLink 520 manual to see if LTE-M is officially confirmed to be available in your area. Coverage is increasing every week as local providers roll out support. Your purchase includes 5 years of connectivity, so there is no need to worry about purchasing a separate data bundle and SIM-card.



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