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Pro Angler Wayman Coleman Powers His Fishing Trips with Battle Born Batteries!

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Angler Wayman Coleman has been using our LiFePO4 technology is his bass fishing boats for almost four years now. Between his farm, landscaping business, full-time job as a driver for the Greenwood, South Carolina fire department, and fishing, Wayman is busy. But he loves every minute of it! With Battle Born Batteries in his system, he has the energy to power through his busy life.  

All About Wayman: 

Wayman was first hooked on fishing at years old, accompanying his dad to nearby creeks. His dad, known as “The Creekmaster” helped Wayman get into the sport, making small catches in creeks that were no more than to feet deep. These creeks were walking distance from the farm and great for learning how to swim.  

An image of Wayman holding up two large mouth bass.

Wayman’s biggest motivator is his competitive streak. He and his cousin would compete in casual tournaments as kids and teenagers which certainly helped himThey’d often compete over who could catch the first fish in a time limit, or the largest catch after an entire day out on the waterWayman said, over the years, they were evenly matched. Now, Wayman keeps that competitive spirit alive with his nephews as he continues to make good memories with his family out on the water.  

His favorite place to fish and compete is St. John’s River in Florida, which is the longest river in the state. His son also enjoys joining him on fishing trips and loves every one of the ponds and lakes they visit. Wayman jokes that having a 3 year old interested in fishing goes as well as it possibly can with a young toddler!  

Wayman and his son fishing on the lake off of a bass boat.

With competing in fishing tournaments and being a pro angler, Wayman said his biggest personal challenge is being away from family for extended amounts of time.  However, he finds ways to make connecting with them work through apps like Facebook messenger. While it’s tough to be away from his son and hearing him ask “Dad, when are you coming back home?”, Wayman is thankful to have so much support for his very competitive and successful career.  

Advice from the Pro Angler: 

His advice for those looking to get into the world of professional fishing? “Be patient, especially when first starting out because it’s not as easy as it looks!” he said. “If you’re in middle school or high school, putting in the hours on the lake instead of playing video games is very important.” 

When it comes to tournaments, going to different bodies of water is also challenging at times, but if you do your homework like Wayman does, it’s an easy way to school your competitors! He likes to look at the lakes on Google Earth and YouTube, in addition to hooking up his Hummingbird fish finder. Another trick that Wayman likes to use is old fishing magazines that have tons of information about baits and jigs that haven’t changed over the years.  

As for Wayman’s dream fishing trip, he’d love to head to El Salto, Mexico with his dad because he likes to watch him “fight bigger fish!”

Currently Wayman runs three Battle Born 100Ah 12V batteries in his vessel, a 20-foot 2020 Triton TRXHe’s always impressed at how well they power his boat and he’s always encouraging fellow anglers to drop leadacid batteries for our LiFePO4 technologyThe boat is also able to glide on the water easier now that they’re sporting lighter batteries that are a third of the weight of leadacid. 

“Anglers usually swap out their batteries every year with their boats, so guys who are running AGMs are spending so much money,” Wayman said. “Because of Battle Born and its 10-year warranty, it isn’t something that I need to worry about!”  

When our team first connected with Wayman, our COO Sean asked him to test the batteries to the limitswhich he was happy to do! He loves how they’re fully charged after 3 to 5 hours and ready to go.  

Wayman Coleman holding a Battle Born Battery with the Battle Born Batteries team

Wayman also loves how the batteries give him plenty of time in-between charges to go through tackle, re-rig everything, and tie his boat up after a long day of competing on the water. He’s most proud of how he went about 3 days during a tournament without charging 

What’s Next?

Right now, Wayman’s keeping busy with all his businesses and farm. As a self-employed business owner, he loves being able to work on his own schedule. However, he jokes that it’s a lot to keep track of and he should be a professional juggler!  

Wayman also makes plenty of time to get out onto the lakes to compete and practice. With big plans to film footage of every tournament he competes in; we’re excited to see even more awesome content from him!  

You can follow Wayman and all his exciting angling adventures on his Instagram and YouTube! 

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