Here at Battle Born, we want to provide you the ideal experience for your Overland/Van trips. For those who long awaited for a better battery solution to get rid of their “battery anxiety” while exploring in remote locations, we have the perfect batteries for you!


Our team of battery experts are familiar with most of the existing components on your choice of adventure vehicle, and will get you the right system to allow you to boondock comfortable for days on end.


We know you’ll be out in difficult terrains, and will provide you with a battery that has quality and is immensely reliable.


We offer three different 12-volt lithium deep cycle models with solutions that will drop into any size vehicle. We have LFP drop in replacements for group 27, 31 and GC2 lead acid batteries.


No matter where you go, we will keep the power going!


Want to learn more about Overland vehicles? Check out our customer stories page!

Our Lithium ion batteries contain no toxic components and are environmentally safe. They also feature the highest energy density, by far.


Buy a lithium battery and relax knowing you’re doing the most for your memories. Get out there and Stay out there.