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Opting Out of Normal’s Lithium Battery Bank

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Battle Born Batteries have become a staple for boondockers who want to get out and embrace the beauty of the world. Our batteries need no maintenance or venting and give you 2-3 times more power than lead acid. For Battle Born family members Opting Out of Normal, LiFePO4 was a no-brainer for their off-grid adventures, and they truly enjoy being free from battery anxiety.

Opting Out of Normal 

A house is pictured. In the driveway there is a large red truck towing a large RV.

Justin and Stacy Ford are also known as “Opting Out of Normal.” They first met in California when Justin was stationed in Port Hueneme with the US Navy Seabees. Together, they traveled the world while serving on active duty. In 2010, Justin retired from the military and they obtained full time jobs. Justin worked as a material handling mechanic working on forklifts, construction boom lifts, and Telehandlers. Stacy was a state licensed Customer Service Representative in the insurance industry and worked at a personal homeowner and automotive insurance. 

A woman in a small boat under a waterfall.Before they went full time, Justin and Stacy set some personal physical improvement goals. In their quest to get out and stay active, they found themselves researching hikes that would allow them to chase waterfalls. They became excited over finding new hiking trails and over time their hikes continued to grow longer and longer. This sparked a new passion for the two of them and led to the idea of hiking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine! Soon after, they bought kayaks so they could keep chasing waterfalls even further and have the ability to paddle towards the base of the falls.

Going Full Time 

While having these fun outdoor adventures, Justin and Stacy bought what they had believed to be their forever home. They felt their vacations were never long enough and soon realized that they were happiest on adventures in their Grand Design Solitude 369RL 5th wheel, instead of their new home. They loved the ability to have full control of their lives and their adventures, so they continued to follow this feeling. They believe that if you are not living happy today then you need to make a change.  So on March 9, 2017 Justin and Stacy moved into their RV full-time and haven’t looked back since. 

Cliffs and a body of water

They’ve now been able to travel across the country and live everyday like it’s the weekend. They spent a beautiful summer on the east coast where they traveled from the upper peninsula of Michigan down through Indiana, Ohio, and West Virginia and ended their trip in Pennsylvania. From there they were able to drive the entire length of the Natchez Trace and were in awe of the historic and breathtaking scenery. Justin and Stacy then made their way to the Gulf Coast of Texas to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and then moved on to exploring the west coast. They’ve been able to capture so many amazing memories through photography and hope to catch more on video in their upcoming adventures. 

Going full time has allowed Justin and Stacy to meet amazing new people along the way and has also helped them reconnect with some older friends from Justin’s military career. This is just one of those moments they strive to share, “We love to share our story and enjoy being able to help people get started.” Contrary to what one might believe, full timing has also helped Justin and Stacy grow closer. They’ve been able to share these exciting experiences with one another and live their lives how they deem fit. 

Becoming Opting Out of Normal 

Together the Ford’s have a YouTube Channel called “Opting Out of Normal”. It focuses on their RV adventures and more educational technical videos. They even have a series with BB batteries which we will link here. The Opting Out of Normal channel, touches various topics from the RV Industry to insights on DIY projects. Justin and Stacy also write very informative blogs on their website about adventures they’ve gone on and products they enjoy.

Their Set Up 

Justin and Stacy acknowledged that they would be spending quite a bit of time away from services, so they wanted to become self-sufficient. They originally stocked their trailer with lead acid batteries, but soon realized that their needs required batteries that could provide power for a few days off the grid even with little solar coverage. Now, their trailer is stocked with 6 Battle Born GC2 batteries. Justin and Stacy chose Battle Born Batteries because they wanted a system that could be a drop-in replacement and take care of itselfThey chose to go with Battle Born because “it is easy to support a good company when they are so willing to support you.” Thumbnail from a Youtube video. "Epic Battle Born & Victron Upgrade"


Their current setup includes: 

Continuing Their Adventures

Justin and Stacy plan to continue their adventures across the country and  document their lives on Facebook and Instagram. They take amazing photography and write an amazing blog, check it out here!  

They are also founders of the “RV DIY Solar Install” group on FB that provides group members with great advice on their technical systems and extensive information for those wanting to learn more about solar!  Join the group here.  

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