Battery Bank Sizing

Need help with your battery bank sizing? Here at Battle Born Batteries our employees are determined to help you create your dream system. We’ll help you size a battery bank  and get you the right components best suited for your specific application.

Here are some do-it-yourself battery bank sizing tips to help start the process:

  • Determine how long you want your system to run and how long you want to be able to be off grid.
  • With a rough estimate of 1200 watt-hours per battery, now your 2000 W inverter would run for approximately 36 minutes. You determine the time by dividing the watt hours of your battery bank from the power rating of your inverter.
  • To determine the watt-hour rating of your battery bank you need to multiply 1200 Watt-hours by the amount of batteries in your bank.
  • Whether your batteries in your bank are in parallel or in series, the watt-hour rating of your battery bank will be the same.


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