Off-Grid Batteries

The way we think about electricity and power is changing rapidly in our lives.  Off-grid, ac-coupled and grid interface systems are in demand.  We understand the power of the sun and how we can use it daily and in an emergency. Lead acid batteries have always been a pain point for off-grid solar systems.  They have forced people to build their bank large enough to only discharge 20%, in order to extend the life span of their lead acid batteries.


Not anymore.


Today, people are using lithium batteries in these solar systems.  Our team at Battle Born have designed many lithium based off-grid solar power systems for DIYer’s and professional installers.  We offer 12, 24 and 48 volt solutions. Contact us for more information.

Our batteries work great with all the big name inverter companies such as Victron, Progressive Dynamics, Magnum and many more.  Not only do our batteries last 10 times longer and require very little maintenance. If you are considering a switch to lithium deep cycle batteries for your current set up or building a new one.  Let us help you be off grid.

Want to learn more about off-grid systems? Check out our Customer Stories page to meet some of our ambassadors who stay off-grid!