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How to Determine Your Consumed Amp Hours with the VictronConnect App

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Whether you’re simply performing a health assessment on your batteries or trying to troubleshoot an issue, knowing how many amp hours they have consumed is essential. Checking how many amp hours your batteries consume through a full discharge cycle can be a key indicator of whether your system is functioning properly. With Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor, this value can be easily found in the VictronConnect app.

Using the VictronConnect App to Find Your Batteries’ Consumed Amp Hours

Although the VictronConnect app displays your electrical systems’ consumed amp hours, locating it can be challenging. Additionally, key variables must be accounted for to ensure the most accurate measurement. We’ll walk you through the process of using the VictronConnect app to find the amp hours you consumed step-by-step.

Victron accessories in a power system including a BMV-712

Step 1

Open your VictronConnect app to view and control your Victron system.

Step 2

Check to see if your system has any pending firmware updates. Keeping the firmware up to date ensures you have the latest features and bug fixes.

Step 3

From your Device List on the Home Page of the Victron Connect App, select the BMV-712.

Step 4

Select Trends from the upper right corner. The trends will show you a history of your system’s performance.

Step 5

From the blue drop-down menu on the left, select Voltage (V), and from the orange drop-down menu on the right, select Consumed Amp Hours (AH). Your screen should look like the photo below and show a history of your system’s voltage and amp-hour consumption. This will show how your battery’s voltage changes as it consumes amp-hours.

VictronConnect app displaying the settings for the BMV-712 Smart device

Step 6

To determine how many amp hours your batteries consume during a complete discharge cycle, begin by charging the battery until it reaches 14.4V, ensuring it is fully charged.

Step 7

Once fully charged, discharge the battery until it reads 10V. This will allow you to see how many amp hours the battery can provide before it is depleted.

Step 8

The peak voltage and lowest voltage readings on the left show you the highest and lowest voltages that the battery reached during the test.

Step 9

The consumed amp hours reading on the right shows you how many amp hours you consumed during the test.

Once you have completed these steps, you can use the consumed amp hours reading to determine your battery’s amp-hour capacity. Over the lifetime of your battery, the number of available amp-hours will slowly decrease. Performing this test can allow you to determine how many cycles your batteries have been through and to conduct a health assessment to determine if your batteries’ amp-hour ratings are where they should be.

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