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Hang Em’ High Sport Fishing: Powered by LiFePO4

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Whether it is on land or on water, Battle Born Batteries strives to provide our customers with long-lasting power and lifelong customer support. Battle Born Batteries supplies reliable LiFePO4 batteries to customers like Hang Em’ High Fishing so they can get out there and stay out there! We stopped by Crystal Lake, Florida to check in with Hang Em’ High Sport Fishing Charters and see how Battle Born Batteries have helped power their tours. 

A Family Affair

Captain Clay Shidler started fishing with his father at a young age and they bonded over the sport. Then, Clay’s brother, Captain Blake Shidler started fishing as well, making the pastime a true family affair.  

That’s when Clay and Blake got the idea to fish for business and for pleasure. Having grown up fishing Crystal River, Florida, they decided to open up Hang Em’ High Sport Fishing Charters right there on the water.  

Hang Em High Crystal River

Powered by Battle Born Batteries

Hang Em’ High Sport Fishing is a charter company that offers all-inclusive fishing trips for those who don’t have the means to get out on the water on their own. They offer a variety of guided tours, including inshore and offshore fishing, scalloping, and even duck hunting! 

Clay and his crew work together to provide an educational and fulfilling experience of fishing like no other. Hang Em’ High Sport Fishing knows that great memories are the key to a perfect charter.  

To have great memories, you need the power to get out there (and stay out there) as long as you like. Your battery power shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your adventures. We call that worry battery anxiety. Battle Born Batteries uses safe and reliable LiFePO4 technology to put your mind at ease.  That’s why Hang Em’ High powers their charters with Battle Born Batteries, now there is no power limit to their tours and adventures. 

Clay from Hang Em High holding a fish with its mouth open

Together they have spent thousands of hours on the water. With reliable power from Battle Born Batteries, they can continue to provide the best fishing experiences for their customers, and help to make memories that will last a lifetime.  

To check out their website and schedule a fishing charter, click here! To follow along with their marine adventures, check out Hang Em’ High’s Instagram and Facebook! 

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