What’s more impressive than a one-of-a-kind build of an RV, van, or skoolie? Doing it in just a few days, while thousands watch the process live as a TV crew films! That’s the core of the “Gutted” event and show, which is getting set for its second year.

So what do you need to know if you’re considering attending or simply viewing the eventual TV show? We’re taking a closer look at this unique event, so you’ll be ready. 

What Is the ‘Gutted’ Show? 

“Gutted” is a show focused on the growing world of DIY RV, van, and skoolie (school bus) renovation. Debuting in 2022 (based on an event in late 2021), the show chronicles several teams competing to complete these overhauls in just five days, all while the cameras and onlookers watch.

In season one there were 3 teams: the Van Team, the RV Team, and the Skoolie Team.

In addition to the renovation contest itself, show organizers host a multi-day festival complete with on-site camping, with tickets available to anyone interested.

How Did the ‘Gutted’ Show Get Started?

“Gutted” came to be as an effort to create interesting, engaging content while also working with influencers and sponsors to promote their brands. The resulting competition helps showcase these top brands and gear companies without functioning solely as an ad. “Gutted” helps these organizations get in front of their most interested customers while providing an entertaining and unusual event. 

Where Can I Watch the ‘Gutted’ TV Show? 

The “Gutted” show appears on the content and social media outlet Blankspace. Viewers can watch online at Blankspace’s website or via Blankspace’s free app. This app is available for both Apple and Android mobile devices, as well as common smart TV interfaces like Roku and Fire TV.  

You can also watch Gutted episodes 1 and 2 on Blankspace’s Youtube.

When Is the ‘Gutted’ Event? 

This year’s “Gutted” event and “Gutted” show will be here before you know it! It will run from Tuesday, Oct. 4, to Sunday, Oct. 9, 2022. The festival will take place at Camp Branch in Smithville, Mo., just over 20 miles north of Kansas City and 270 miles west of St. Louis.

This year’s event will take place just over a year after the inaugural festival, held in September 2021 in Alamosa, Colo. Based on last year’s release schedule, viewers can expect to check out the TV show sometime in early to mid-2023. 

What Happens at the ‘Gutted’ Event? 

The center of the action at “Gutted” is the rig building and refurbishing competition, which occurs live over the course of the six-day festival. But there’s so much more to do when you want a break from watching the contestants building! 

Attendees can participate in hands-on workshops to help build their RV, van, and skoolie renovation skills. They can also learn about the various aspects of life on the road. There are also plenty of fun and social activities, from yoga and disc golf to group hikes and live concerts. With all this going on, you’ll never find yourself without something to do during this unique gathering. 

building a van

How Much Does It Cost to Attend the ‘Gutted’ Event? 

Depending on how long you’d like to attend and what level of access you’d prefer, the price of admission to the “Gutted” show will vary. The most affordable ticket comes in the form of a day pass. This provides one-day access to the festival and its panels, workshops, vendors, and other attractions for $59 per person. 

Those who’d like to attend the entire six-day festival can buy a full event pass for just $229, a nearly 25% discount compared to the daily rate. These passes also allow buyers to sign up for activities before the event. 

Finally, those looking to splurge can buy a VIP pass for $529. This ticket includes access to the entire festival, advanced activity sign-up, a reserved viewing area, and backstage access with a cast meet-and-greet. These VIPs will also enjoy priority check-in and premium campsite locations. They’ll even get their names in the credits!

Who Attends the ‘Gutted’ Event?

The “Gutted” show welcomes everyone with an interest in the RV, skoolie, and van world, especially those looking to learn about the renovation and DIY aspects of the lifestyle. However, there’s no experience required, and plenty of attendees come simply for the good times and great entertainment. Also in attendance are many vendors and companies that sell goods and services geared toward RVers or others interested in the nomadic or DIY worlds.  

How Can I Get Involved With the ‘Gutted’ Show? 

Other than just attending, there are several ways to help out with the “Gutted” event and show. Those looking to volunteer can reach out directly to the festival. Someone associated with the event can help you get involved.

Brands or companies can also make their mark as event sponsors, exposing their company to a considerable number of highly interested potential customers. This year, Battle Born Batteries is among these sponsors. They’re helping produce a top-quality show and event for attendees and viewers.

Is the ‘Gutted’ Event Worth Attending? 

We’ve all got busy lives these days, and not everyone can afford the time and money it takes to trek to western Missouri for this kind of event. But those who can will doubtless find the experience worth it from an educational, entertainment, and social perspective.

Attendees will get to watch as expert teams create amazingly unique rigs in just days. Meanwhile, they’ll improve their own skills and make friends with others in the RV world. For a one-of-a-kind festival and television experience, there’s nothing quite like this year’s “Gutted” show.

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