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Getaway Couple Proves You Can Live Luxuriously Off-Grid in 42′ Fifth Wheel

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Rae and Jason Miller are the travel bloggers and vloggers behind the travel brand Getaway Couple. The Millers hit the road in July of 2017 for what they believed would be an epic one-year road trip – but it’s still going strong almost five years later! 

Jason and Rae immediately fell in love with the RV lifestyle and community and didn’t want to give it up. Since they began their RVing journey, they’ve created their website and YouTube channel. On both platforms, they share updates about their RVing journey as well as informative and educational content for anyone looking to get into the RVing lifestyle. 

Getaway Couple are co-founders of the online course website, RV Masterclass, co-authors of an RV travel guide, correspondents for the RV Show USA, and the Solitude Lifestyle Ambassadors for Grand Design RV. They’ve been featured in major publications like The Washington Post, New Yorker Magazine, HuffPost, Conde Nast Traveler, and many more. 

Not only that, they are part of our Battle Born Family. We were recently able to chat with them about what inspired them to start their brand, their off-grid system, and more!

What Kind of RV Does Getaway Couple Have?

“We travel full-time with our Doberman-mix Carmen in a 42’ Grand Design Solitude 375RES fifth wheel. We tow our rig with a RAM 3500 diesel dually. When we bought our RV, one of the most significant selling points was how much storage space it had in the kitchen. It had more storage space than any other model we’d seen! 

We loved that our rig has a rear living room that’s raised with a ton of storage. On the RV’s exterior, there’s a rear storage sliding tray for easy access to anything we want to bring along. Sure, our RV might be bigger than we need, but it makes living on the road feel just like home!”

drone shot of a white truck and RV boondocking in the desert

What Inspired You to Start Your Brand?

“When we were researching the RV lifestyle, we had so many questions that we were having a hard time finding answers for. Once we hit the road we knew we could be that resource for other people curious about RVing. Our Getaway Couple brand is all about educating, inspiring, and empowering anyone interested in the nomadic RV lifestyle.”

“We publish a ton of educational and informative content on our blog and share more personal travels and educational content on our YouTube channel. The RV lifestyle has changed us for the better and we especially love the community we’ve built through our brand. We hope to inspire more people to hit the road and discover how amazing the RV lifestyle truly is.“

What Type of Off Grid System Does Getaway Couple Have?

“We love boondocking so we installed an off-grid system that would enable us to have plenty of power no matter where we camp. We have eight 200W solar panels on our RV (a total of 2,000W of solar) and six Battle Born 100AH 12v batteries. Our system has two Victron MultiPlus inverters, two Micro Air soft-starts for each air conditioner, a Victron Color Control GX control panel, and a Victron BMV712 battery monitor with Bluetooth so we can monitor it all on our phones. 

“We had our batteries and control system installed by Sprad’s RV in Reno, Nevada, at the recommendation of Battle Born Batteries. Sprad’s RV installed our two 3,000 watt inverters in split-phase, and they put our control panel and battery monitor right into the cabinet above our other Grand Design Solitude control switches.

“Our battery system runs our entire RV, including both of our air conditioners. A few months after the installation, we installed our solar panels. This was a great learning experience to fully understand how our power system works.”

Getaway Couple’s Professional Installation Video

How Has Your System Improved the RV Lifestyle?

“Our battery and solar setup changed our travel style immediately upon installation. Right after we got our batteries installed, we needed to make a 2,000-mile journey in just five days. It was so nice to know that we could pull over anywhere and run anything we needed in our RV without having to find hookups. 

Our computer hard drive pulls a ton of power because editing and uploading YouTube videos is a pretty big task. With our off-grid setup, we have no problems getting enough power for that. Another thing we enjoy using off the grid is our Ninja Coffee Maker – we can’t live without that! And Rae loves the fact that she can use her blow dryer even while boondocking. Having plenty of power to run all of our favorite appliances makes boondocking feel just like camping at an RV park with shore power.”

battle born lithium batteries installed in getaway couple RV

Advantages and Disadvantages of Living on the Road

“We love living on the road because we get to experience so many small towns and beautiful destinations in the US. We’re getting to know our country and see that each corner of it offers something unique. We’ve created memories to last us a lifetime by living this lifestyle! 

While it’s safe to say the pros outweigh the cons for us, it is harder to schedule doctor appointments and maintain regular routines on the road. Additionally, simple tasks like grocery shopping, mailing packages, and running errands take longer when you aren’t familiar with the town or store layout. We just make sure to know that these things will take additional time and plan accordingly.”

Do You Have Any Advice for Anyone Looking to Get Into the Nomadic Lifestyle? 

“We always tell people to slow down when they first hit the road. Burnout can hit you fast when you’re always on the go, so it’s important to pace yourself. Plus, when you move a little slower, you get a better feel for an area and might see things you would have missed if you were just there for the highlights. 

Also, some folks are very curious about the lifestyle but are pretty scared to try it. To those people we always say, stop overthinking and just do it! Sometimes it’s easier to plan it for only a period of time. As we said, we told ourselves we’d only do this for a year, and now look at us. The scariest part of the RV lifestyle is starting it. So once you take that leap, you’re golden!”

jason and rae miller of getaway couple in front of their RV with solar panels
Rae & Jason Miller of Getaway Couple

Any Recent and Memorable Travels? What’s Next For Getaway Couple?

“We are currently traveling the New England area for the autumn season and are loving it! Within the last few months, we’ve spotted moose in New Hampshire, hiked Acadia National Park and tried lobster rolls in Maine, and celebrated Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts- all while getting to watch the leaves turn beautiful colors. 

We have a few more weeks in this area and then we will be heading to Florida for the winter. It’s the first time we’ve booked a campground for two full months, and we’re really looking forward to settling down in one place for a bit. As for 2022, we don’t have that exactly figured out just yet but we know it’s going to be awesome!”

Keep in Touch With Getaway Couple

To keep in touch with Rae and Jason from Getaway Couple you can visit their website (we recommend signing up for their newsletter), subscribe to their YouTube channel, and follow them on Instagram for gorgeous pictures around the USA.

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