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The Ultimate Overland Power Solution

Reliable, trusted, and long-lasting lithium power for your overland rig from Battle Born Batteries. 

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So, you want reliable power for your overland rig and dirt road adventures? Get ready to live your story and experience your freedom–out on the open road and far off the grid with Battle Born Batteries.

These lithium batteries are built with reliability and durability in mind, ready to charge your adventures with safe and dependable lithium power. Backed by an American brand and a team of technical experts, say goodbye to battery anxiety, and welcome to a whole new way of overlanding–with the comforts and capabilities of home.

Now’s your time to treat yourself–upgrade your overland power system with reliable, long-lasting, and lightweight lithium power from Battle Born Batteries.


LiFePO4 Chemistry

LiFePO4 Chemistry

Use of the safest and most stable lithium battery chemistry.

Cylindrical Cells (1)

Cylindrical Cells

Designed with premium UL-listed cylindrical cells.

BMS (1)

Proprietary BMS

Internal battery management system, featuring low temp protection.

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2x-3x More Power

Two to three times more power in the same physical space.*

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Lasts 10x Longer

Ten times longer lifespan.*

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5x Faster Charging

Charges up to five times faster.*

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1/5th the Weight

Approximately 1/5 the weight for same amount of usable power.*

Drop In Replacement

Drop-In Replacement

Easy drop-in replacement for lead acid batteries.

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100% Depth of Discharge

100% depth of discharge and no memory effect.

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Built-In Heating

Available with optional internal heating technology.

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10-Year Warranty

Industry-leading ten-year warranty to protect your investment.

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USA-Based Support

Domestic customer service team for technical support.

* Versus traditional lead acid batteries.

Trusted By Top Overlanders

Overland Testimonials
Overland Testimonials

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Reliable, rugged, and built for off-road experiences, Battle Born Batteries brings revolutionary energy storage to overlanders like you with next-generation LiFePO4 batteries and complete lithium power systems. Hundreds of thousands of our industry-leading battery packs are out in the field and have taken RVers, overlanders, sailors, and more off the grid.

Upgrade your overland build to a complete LiFePO4 system, get the power you need, and join Battle Born in taking every adventure to the next level.

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