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Everything You Need to Know About the 62nd Escapade for RVers

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Enjoy five days of the largest and most extensive gathering of the Escapees community packed with diverse seminars, social events, nightly entertainment, and more. Escapade caters to RV enthusiasts of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles. And Battle Born Batteries is beyond excited to attend and sponsor the 62nd Escapade event for another great year!

About the Organizers: The Escapees RV Club

Escapees RV Club logo The Escapees RV Club is a referred RV membership organization, boasting a rich history, impressive size, and widespread popularity. They have created a comprehensive support system that caters to all RVers, from newbies to seasoned road veterans.


At the core of the community is a collective passion for wanderlust and exploration. Escapees members are united in pride for self-sufficiency, out-of-the-box thinking, and independence. 

Their annual event, Escapade, is being held in 2023 for the 62nd time! The large-scale gathering is all about sharing the wealth of knowledge and experience collected among this group of RVers. There is a true sense of belonging that comes from being a part of a community of individuals that aligns with your drive and interests.

The 62nd Escapade: When and Where?

The beautiful sunny desert of Tucson, Arizona will is home to the 62nd Escapade this year. The three-day event will be hosted by the Pima County Fair Grounds, located at 11300 S. Houghton Road, Tucson, AZ 85747. 

Event attendees can expect Escapade to take place March 19-24, 2023, with early arrival options beginning on Friday, March 17th for those looking to get parked and settled before the event kicks off.

Empty road in the desert

The Details: What to Expect at This Year’s Escapade

Escapee’s 62nd Escapade is an extensive gathering catered to the youngest RVers to the oldest, part-time, and full-timers alike. It is a long-running event catered to creating a diverse community of adventure seekers. RVers and attendees can share their knowledge and learn from others through conversation and an extensive list of seminars! Here are the details. 

An RVer’s Dream: Escapade Event Schedule

See the full 2023 RV schedule for seminars, events, and more at the 62nd Escapade!


Lithium 101 with Battle Born Batteries:

Join us for a Battle Born Batteries seminar given by Roni Ventura. Roni will take a deep dive into lithium power systems, and how to manage them. 

  • Presenter: Roni Ventura
  • Topic: Advantages & Breakdowns of Lithium Power Systems
  • Date: Monday, March 20th
  • Time: 10:30 am
  • Location: COPPER RM 4

Battle Born Batteries is proud to join the 62nd Escapade in Tucson, Arizona once again. Battle Born team standing at a Battle Born Batteries booth                            

RVers Boot Camp at Escapade: 

Learn about RVing in a classroom setting led by a panel of instructors with years of RVing experience. The seminar covers topics ranging from maintaining and operating your RV safely to tire and weight safety. Other topics include basic RV systems such as fire and life safety, proper towing techniques, and much more. 

SmartWeigh at Escapade:

One of the top safety priors for RVers is knowing your loaded weight. Stop by the SmartWeigh booth at 62nd Escapade to find out how much your RV weighs. Escapees use individual wheels to gather the most accurate readings. 

Smart Weigh Escapees RV Club


At Kidscapade, the youngest members of the RV community will have the chance to participate in various activities centered around a specific theme. Activities range from creative projects, story-time, and physical activities and games. There will even be an annual “Escapades Got Talent” variety show for participants! 

Dip a Chip for CARE

Join fellow Escapees on Thursday, March 23 to have fun while raising money for a good cause. Enter the contest by sharing your favorite chip dip with the world. Or help judge the contest by tasting your favorite dip and placing money in the bin next to it! All types of chip dip are welcome. All funds raised will be donated to CARE. 

Join a chip dip competition at the 62nd Escapade! Have fun raising money for a good cause.

See the full 2023 event schedule on the 62nd Escapade website.

Who You’ll See at the 62nd Escapade Event

Battle Born is so happy to be invited to be a part of this event. Stop by Booth 68 anytime and say hi. We’ll be here to answer any questions you may have about your lithium battery setup, and the future of batteries in RVs.

Registration and Ticket Prices

There is a multitude of different pricing structures for the 62nd Escapade! Event registration ranges from camping with full hook-ups to dry camping to daily walk-ins. Head to the website to find the perfect pricing structure for you and your family. 

Mobile app for the 62nd Escapade 2023 is coming soon!

2023 62nd Escapade Mobile App

Stay connected at the event by downloading the 2023 mobile app! The app will have all the information for the event, right at your fingertips. Find a map of the event, as well as a schedule of all entertainment and seminars. The “Favorites” feature will allow you to create a personalized daily schedule. Keep tabs on each seminar you want to join, so you don’t miss anything. Keep an eye on their website for updates on the 2023 application. 

We Hope to See You at the Escapees RV Club 62nd Escapade Event 

At Battle Born, RVs hold a special place in our hearts. Our excitement is palpable as we participate in the 62nd Escapade event. We are eager to share our knowledge and learn more in return. As the world moves forward with electrification and lithium-ion batteries it is exciting to see that play out in the RV world.

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