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After an unfortunate travel experience in a hotel, MJ and Izzy Alsina began looking into purchasing an RV and on their first RV shopping outing, they drove one off the lot. With their son Jason, MJ and Izzy have spent countless weekends, holidays, and vacations, adventuring across the east coast in their newly acquired home on wheels. Looking forward to future plans of full-time RV life, MJ and Izzy are enjoying traveling as a family and sharing all of their RV tips, tricks, and experiences from life on the road.

Meet the Alsina Family

MJ and Izzy Alsina smiling in front of a body of water at sunset

In 2008 MJ and Izzy took a chance on an online dating site and ended up meeting one another. After discovering many similarities, they’re connection grew quickly and easily as their relationship began to blossom. Despite both being skeptical at the beginning, they soon fell in love and were married in 2011. Eleven years later, MJ and Izzy are happily married and enjoying life with their 16-year-old son Jason.

The Alsina family loves the life they’ve created for themselves in New Jersey. MJ is a professional dog trainer and owns a large dog training company. MJ has a passion for working with dogs and loves her two rescue Pit Bulls, Sierra and Bowser.  Izzy works as a law enforcement officer and strives to spend as much time with his family as he can. While both MJ and Izzy love their careers, they value time with one another and with their son Jason, above all else.

Jason is a typical teenager who loves sports, acting, and spending time with his family. Whether they’re watching football, NASCAR, or WWE together, the Alsina family enjoys bonding over a shared love of sports and being active. As a family, they value experiences over material possessions and have always taken every opportunity to travel and make memories together.

Endless RVing family in front of a boardwalk

Dreaming of a Home on Wheels

After returning home from a vacation in 2018, the Alsina family also returned with some unwelcome guests. Following the discovery of bed bugs that they brought home from a hotel they stayed, they ended up stuck in their basement for the next two weeks. While their house was being treated for bed bugs, they felt trapped in their basement, missing a lot of the conveniences of their home. During those two weeks they spent a lot of time dreaming about what it would be like to have a home on wheels they could travel in or retreat to when their home was being worked on.

Although they stuck it out in the basement until the bed bugs were gone, they couldn’t stop thinking about RVing and knew it was something they wanted to eventually look into. Not long after they returned to normal life in their home the Alsina family decided to go RV shopping just to look around and get an idea of what kind of rig they might want. Surprisingly, they ended up falling in love with their dream RV and purchased it that same day. They spent their first year of RV travel in that same Jayco Travel Trailer and enjoyed learning about the ins and outs of RV life.

Newmar Bay Star

Currently, the Alsina family calls a 2019 Newmar Bay Star 3626 their home on wheels. While doing their research to determine what rig they wanted to purchase, the layout and large living space of the Newmar were key selling points. Additionally, the quality, fit, and coziness of the interior sealed the deal. This rig offered the perfect combination of luxury and comfort for MJ, Izzy, and Jason and a floorplan that worked well for their small family.

Becoming Weekend Warriors

Soon after purchasing their new RV, the Alsina family was eager to get on the road. They began spending any free weekend or vacation they could traveling in their home on wheels. While plans were made to go full-time eventually, MJ, Izzy, and Jason have been enjoying their time as weekend warriors. “Being part time, we get the best of both worlds. We get to travel for a couple weeks or just a weekend at a time. Having a sticks and bricks gives us space and a retreat when we return from our trips.”

MJ and Jason smiling at each other

Another benefit to part time travel for the Alsina family, is allowing Jason to do all of the things he enjoys at home while still being able to experience travelling. Jason loves going to school and getting to see his friends regularly, but he also enjoys travelling around the country and getting to see so many new places. This has given MJ and Izzy the freedom to enjoy travelling as a family while ensuring their son gets to pursue all of his interests.

Similarly, since Izzy is a law enforcement officer, part time travel allows him to continue working in the career that he loves. Although he only has a limited amount of time he can spend away from work, he utilizes his weekends, holidays, and time off to spend time on the road with his family while still enjoying his work. MJ is also able to continue running her business without worrying about spending too much time away. Since Sierra and Bowser don’t travel very much anymore, MJ and Izzy can leave them comfortably at home with a sitter, knowing they will be well taken care of.

Sierra and Bowser in grass

Spending More Time Off-Grid with Battle Born Batteries

It didn’t take the Alsina family much time on the road to realize their electrical system capabilities weren’t up to par with their needs. Some of MJ and Izzy’s favorite places to travel to are Harvest Hosts, NASCAR races, and state parks, where full hookups are hard to come by. They began searching for a solution that would allow them to camp off-grid easily without having to worry about power or running their generator.

After coming across Battle Born Batteries in their research, they knew that would be the solution for them. “We chose Battle Born because they are a US based company, they have a stellar reputation, excellent customer service and technical support, and outstanding products.” They ditched their lead acid batteries and ended up ditching their battery anxiety right along side them as they upgrade to a much more reliable system that includes:

Battle Born Batteries in a slide out compartment of an RV

With their new and improved electrical system, the Alsina family can camp worry free and spend more time enjoying their trip. They love the peace of not having to run their generator and the simplicity of knowing they will have enough power to meet their needs, no matter where their camping trip takes them.

Enjoying the Endless Freedom of RVing

Over their last four years of RVing, the Alsina family has become fondly acquainted with the freedom and adventure of traveling in their home on wheels. With the option to just pick up and go at a moments notice, they’re able to spend more time making memories and less worrying about travel logistics. They love getting to travel all over the east coast and hope to be able to travel further across the Unites States in future years.

Out of all of the places they’ve visited, the South tops the list of favorites for MJ, Izzy, and Jason. The climate is much warmer than their home in New Jersey and they love how friendly and welcoming everyone is. From the historical downtown streets of Savannah, Georgia, to the beautiful bike trails in Gulf State Park and the stunning beaches on the Gulf shores of Alabama, the Alsina family was able to experience so much natural beauty and vibrant city life.

MJ and Izzy in front of their RV

With so many amazing memories in the RV it’s impossible for MJ and Izzy to choose just one. Although they can’t pick a favorite, the Alsina family fondly remembers a two-week long trip they were able to take in 2019. They traveled down the east coast and spent time in Georgia, at Disney World, and at Virginia Beach. On this trip they traveled to some of Jason’s favorite places and had wonderful experiences together. Trips like these drive their passion for travel and spending time on RV trips with one another.

What’s Up Next for Endless RVing?

In their upcoming travels, the Alsina family is hoping to spend more time traveling to new places on the east coast, including the Poconos, Kentucky, and Tennessee, attend many more NASCAR races and head to Florida for the Tampa RV Show in 2023. Along the way they plan to continue sharing RV DIYs, upgrades, product reviews and tour videos and they hope to stay at more state parks and Harvest Hosts.

Looking towards the future, Jason will be graduating from high school in 2024 and Izzy will be retiring in September of 2025. Following Izzy’s retirement, with Jason away at college, MJ and Izzy hope to transition to more full-time travel. They have dreams of heading out west and “RVing through Yellowstone, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, and more.” MJ and Izzy are excited for the spontaneity and new experiences that will come during their future travels.

Endless RVing family smiling in front of a "South of the Border" sign

To keep up with the Alsina family’s travels and to learn more about RV’s be sure to check out Endless RVing on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and their website.

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