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Emory Peterson Relies on Battle Born LiFePO4 Batteries

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Entrepreneur and freelance extraordinaire Emory Peterson travels in his 2019 Pinnacle with a powerful double-digit Battle Born Batteries setup. We strive to provide top-of-the-line lithium technology and outstanding customer service every step of the way. Read more to find out how Battle Born Batteries gave Emory even more power to get out there and stay out there! 

About Emory Peterson 

Emory Peterson started his first business when he was 15.  From web design to internet marketing to solar contracting, Emory has no problem keeping it interesting.   

No stranger to the industry, Emory has been RVing off and on for six years! In that time, he has lived in a variety of RVs as his wants and needs changed and evolved. Emory may have started small, but now his rig is fully loaded! He tows a 2019 Pinnacle luxury fifth wheel behind his souped-up Dodge Ram truck.  

Emory Peterson's 2019 Pinnacle luxury fifth wheel

Recently, Emory and his wife Brittany took the RV on an eight-week trip all around America. 

After announcing that they are expecting, they dropped everything and went for a tour of the states together, and Emory founded We Call It Camping to document their journey! Check out their websiteFacebook, and Instagram for more inspiration to get out there and stay out there in the way that works for you!  

Outside of these extensive trips, Emory and Brittany live in a house and don’t full-time in the RV. But the need for power when they are on the road doesn’t change!  

Being familiar with solar, Emory knew he wanted his ultimate rig to include it. His roof holds twelve solar panels to collect the most power possible! While having the solar panels made a huge difference in his power draws, Emory was still left wanting more from his system. 

Emory Peterson Battle Born Batteries set up

Upgrading to Lithium 

Growing tired of using and relying on generators, Emory started looking for alternatives. He had tried other kinds of batteries to no avail. Being able to work from his rig and not have to worry about his power was important to Emory.  

He explains that the Tesla Model S batteries he had used previously “worked fine, but it always felt like a science project.” Then Emory came across Battle Born Batteries and, intrigued, decided to dig deeper and find out more about lithium. After much research and discussion with the Battle Born Team, Emory decided to power his rig with our 100Ah 12 V LiFePO4 batteries 

Emory Peterson's solar panels on his 2019 Pinnacle luxury fifth wheel

And he didn’t just put one or two in this system. Emory installed a whopping 12 Battle Born Batteries in his system, noting that it “serves us very well.” 

His setup includes: 

  • (12) 100Ah 12 V LiFePO4 batteries 
  • (12) 210w solar panels 
  • Victron 150/100 charge controller 
  • Dual Victron 3000 inverter/chargers (24 volt) 
  • Victron Orion 24-12V converter 


Emory Peterson Schematic Power System layout


Not only are our LiFePO4 batteries lighter, but they have safer chemistry and a real BMS built-in to them as well. Emory explains, “having them has made it so we can do whatever. We don’t think about power.” The Battle Born Team couldn’t be more elated to power this family’s travels. 

What’s Next 

Now, along with We Call It Camping, Emory runs Muir Industries, a targeted digital marketing company. His able to run his companies from the comfort of his LiFePO4-powered rig if he so chooses.  

With Battle Born Batteries, you can get out there and stay out there and know exactly where your power is coming from. Emory is never doing just one thing. To learn more about Emory and Muir Industries, check out his website and Facebook. 

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