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Durable Battle Born Batteries | Built On Trust & Support

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As more folks develop an interest in living on the road and off-grid living, learning how to build a reliable power source is the key to success. Lithium-ion batteries are increasingly popular for these lifestyles, and with good reason!

Battle Born Batteries is the leading provider of LiFePO4 batteries and power system components. Our headquarters is strategically located in Reno, NV, with one of the largest lithium deposits in the United States. At Battle Born, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, reflected in our products’ quality and reliability. We are dedicated to sustainability and strive to minimize our environmental footprint while providing innovative solutions to today’s electrification problems.

Installing a battery system, in whatever capacity, can be a daunting task. Building a system can be done with a DIY approach or with an installer. Whichever path you choose to follow, Battle Born Tech Specialists will be by your side.

Battle Born Technical Specialists are available to help you build out your dream lithium ion battery system.

An Installer’s Dream | Battle Born Batteries’ Technical Specialists

At Battle Born Batteries, we place a premium on building strong and lasting relationships with all our customers. Because of our in-house technical specialist team, customer satisfaction is always guaranteed! Our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way, from selecting the right components for your specific application to troubleshooting and support throughout the lifetime of your battery. 

Building a reliable lithium-power system is not always straightforward – we understand. That is why a whole team is ready to provide personalized service and support. We ensure all our customers have the best possible experience. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting with a DIY lithium power system, our team is here to help.  Our tech specialists are experts in designing and building customer power systems tailored to each user’s needs, power requirements, and application. They will work closely with their clients to understand easy or complex problems that may arise. 

With the wide range of high-quality batteries and components for your power system needs that we offer, you’ll be able to build the ideal setup for you. From small portable systems to large-scale applications, we have the expertise and resources to help you build the perfect lithium power system for your specific needs.

Deciding On Lithium | Breaking It Down

Setting up an electrical grid for off-grid living, whether for an RV, van, boat, or home, can be tricky. However, at Battle Born, we inspire to make it as straightforward as possible. As Brandon Newman, lead sales technician, says, “We get you set up with whatever you need and take care of you throughout the journey. You aren’t just buying a battery but investing in a friendship.” 

If you are ready to take the leap but have lingering questions about where to start, calling one of our in-house tech specialists is a significant first step! 

Brandon Newman takes us through the introduction process of investing in Battle Born Batteries. “First off, we’ll want to discuss the application you will want to be powering; RV, boat, or off-grid home? Really, the possibilities are endless for most applications. Our systems are built to be expandable and adaptable to your future wants and needs. Clients should remember what they need versus what they want to power.” 

Battle Born batteries power bank

But How Much Power Do I Really Need?

The next point of discussion will be to determine what you want to power. Our tech specialists will then take you through the calculation of this. From there, you can decide how big of a battery system you need. 

We will conduct a load calculation. This means we will look at all the components you want to run, what kind of power it takes to run, how many watts it takes, and how many hours in a day,” Brandon Newman states. Once you complete this calculation, it gives you a kilowatt-hour value. This indicates how many batteries you need to support your ideal system. 

We offer expandable systems for those who can’t power everything they need immediately, where customers can add amp hours to their system for up to two years. We’ll help you get started with what you need now, and you can add more down the road as your energy needs grow.

A Wealth of Information For DIY Lithium Power System Builds

If you are brand new to a DIY build, no sweat! We have a gluttonous amount of information available at your fingertips, including knowledge on LiFePO4 batteries, solar, chargers, system monitoring, and other system components.

Many DIY installers have never done anything like this, so the conversation will get to “How do I set up all this stuff?” Brandon gives us the 101 on the resources available. “We have a ton of information to throw their way. We have blog posts, YouTube videos, resource guides, and even tools from our ambassadors that walk you through installation steps. And you can ALWAYS call us at Battle Born. We want our customers to know we are always standing by and here to help them!” he said. 

Your Technical Team

When you purchase a Battle Born Battery, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in a team of experts here to help you every step of the way. At Battle Born, we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box and delivering quality products and expertise. We work with our customers to determine how our product best suits your needs. This is what builds lasting relationships. We are dedicated to our customers and ensure quality by assembling our batteries at our headquarters in Reno, Nevada. This ensures quality you can count on for years to come. 

At Battle Born, customer care is our top priority. Our sales team assists you, from component selection to troubleshooting, for a reliable system. And our knowledge comes from the years we have spent building relationships with trusted industry installers, dealers, and brands/suppliers. At Battle Born, we confidently offer our customers quality, reliability, durability, and, most importantly, SUCCESS.

Inspiration Comes in All Forms

One of Brandon’s favorite parts of his job as a tech specialist is the opportunity to connect with all his customers. 

“I love going to tradeshows and seeing the incredible rigs people have built out and connecting with them. There are many applications for Battle Born Batteries, and it’s great to chat with people about each of them,” said Brandon. Battle Born Batteries are incredibly functional, and he loves seeing that in action. 

As for his favorite rig to get out there and stay out there? Well, it’s a minivan–a Toyota Sienna, specifically. 

Battle Born Batteries technical specialists on their own van adventure, powered by lithium ion batteries.

Call Us Today, We’re Standing By

Brandon’s passion for his work as a tech specialist is evident in his love of connecting with his customers, a fact that rings true for all our dedicated experts here at Battle Born Batteries. We have dedicated innovative solutions and quality builds with each system. With extensive knowledge and batteries assembled in our warehouse in Reno, NV, you will have reliable service at your fingertips for years. 

Give Battle Born Batteries a call at: 855.292.2831

Battle Born Batteries being assembled in Reno, Nevada

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